Sunday Guest Star: Maobert


Due to confusion about which meeze this is--this is Mao. HA! Mao everyone thought you were me!!!! You must be a blimp too!!!!

Well the village thing challenged many cats.  Many knew of villages but not the right village.   Even Kaika was unable to guess exactly where I was. Then Maobert Schnickles somehow managed to find me–and not only find me but regurgitate a full entry from some intellectual level website to discuss exactly where I was (which very nearly led the one armed man and the feds to me but I avoided them)

I’m guessing Greendale Village Hall, 6500 Northway, Greendale, WI 53129

Known for its rich heritage and beautiful green spaces, the Village of Greendale consistently ranks as a favorite small town to visit and a great place to live and work.

Greendale was originally developed in 1936 as part of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal in the wake of the Great Depression. With the purchase of 3,400 acres of farmland southwest of Milwaukee’s city limits, the federal government’s Resettlement Administration had three main objectives: to demonstrate a new kind of suburban community which combined both city and country life, to provide good housing at reasonable rents, and to provide jobs to unemployed workers.

The site of the development, adjacent to beautiful Whitnall Park, was chosen for its gentle hills, thick wooded areas, and scenic ponds. One of three “Greenbelt” communities in the country, the historic village of Greendale was built on the “garden city” model, in which housing was situated within easy walking access of gardens, employment and a town center.

The original downtown area included the Village Hall, several businesses and 366 homes which included 572 living units. Single family homes, multi-family homes and rowhouses made of cincrete, a type of cinder block, were built to accommodate a mix of family sizes and income levels. Uniquely designed, the homes were positioned close to the street with the living room at the back of the house to allow residents a better view of their picturesque backyards. These quaint homes were often referred to as “Greendale Originals.” In 1949, the Public Housing Administration gave occupants of Greendale homes the first right to purchase them from the government and in many cases, the residents exercised this option. The transfer of ownership from the federal government was largely completed by the end of 1952.

Today, Greendale’s village center area is listed in the Nation and State Registers of Historic Places, with many buildings considered historically significant. Residents continue to enjoy lush green spaces, outstanding municipal services, thriving businesses and a highly rated school district. Community members are active in many local civic organizations, church groups and school committees where they volunteer their time and talents for the betterment of the Village. Visitors, and residents alike, savor the community’s heritage, and newcomers as well as founding families are committed to preserving Greendale’s rich history and small town charm.

Ware the hek is that smarty pants ‘Kaika???????

Mao–I am really thinking that perhaps you have some sort of special software that allows you to find me everywhere. Or maybe it’s just that you worship me? Or are you one of those fans that just can’t let the object of their fandom ever out of their sight?  I am beginning to think these things are all true!  

Parker offered to help this lovely little village

I don’t know what village you are in, but if it’s looking for an idiot, Rudy’s over here in O Hi O!

Just like a good member of the cat blogosphere–Parker is always willing to be helpful!


  1. We love Parker’s comment! In fact, Grayson rather wishes he had thought of it.

  2. We missed “Where’s Chey” on Friday ~ but the good news is that we wouldn’t have known anyway so our answer would have been “dunno”!

  3. I really do crack me up! Um, Chey, why are you ::GASP:: all wet???

  4. We never would have guessed it right! Congrats to Mao!

  5. Haha! That was a funny one from Parker. Concats to Mao. We didn’t know where you were. Why are you so wet? Did you have a bath or get caught in the rain?

  6. Are you just taking a shower?

  7. This is not me–it’s Mao!

  8. Oh yes, we knew that you weren’t the wet one Chey! Once again, I prove that being an indoor kitty makes me really bad at finding you. I need to web surf more.

  9. Not sure how ben is- called the girl who had him at kennel this weekend- waiting to hear from her. Hoping he’s doing alright. He was good last night at 1130 when the vet went in. So hopefully the same. I’m going to call another girl who was there too and check in.

  10. Wow, that was a Wisconsin State Flag? We are amazed. We studied all the State flags so carefully looking for that red spot onna light blue background!

    Our congrats to Maobert Schnickles. Great werk…

    We are gonna have to start visitin ya early on Fridays ta get back our “solving reputation” back!

  11. Maybe Mao has a built-in GPS?

  12. Need a towel, Mao….? 🙂

  13. Good job Mao!!!
    Did you work up a big sweat to find that answer??
    Your furs are all spikey,heehee
    Good to see you are still ahead of the feds
    and now the one armed man 😮
    Mom is feeling better so we can finally visit!!! Yay 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  14. LOL! Parker is one funny girl!


  16. I am in awe of Mao!!

    Parker is a furry funny kitty.

  17. we never guess right so we missed it again. Mao is one smart kitty. I think it is perhaps a bit of brownnosing involved for when you’re elected to a position of great power.

    Parker is a hoot!

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