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Thankful Thursday

IMG_7082aThe sun is so nice. I do like not having to share my sunspot with Cheysuli. I am thankful for that. Yesterday we got some new windows and it was very scary and noisy.   Now Cheysuli cannot sneak back in so easily when she wants to eat… Besides, we would hear  the weiner mobile.  I am very thankful for that–Cheysuli chases me!

I do not think anyone will notice her in the Weiner Mobile.  After all, it’s sort of like hiding in plain sight right?

Momma has written down a rant for me to share, so if you don’t want to hear, it you can just think about how cute I am and ignore it….

For everyone who wonders why Momma is such an advocate of a public healthcare option and gets so upset when people say we don’t need it.  As an acupuncture student she had to work in public health doing acupuncture.   Additionally she worked in her first years as a substitute acupuncturist in the Cascade Aids Project.  This was a nonprofit group that helped people with AIDS.

In both cases she saw first hand what happens when people have access to healthcare only through the emergency room and what does and does not get done.  Many of the things that these people suffered with and she got to help with were things that would not have happened if doctors could see  them promptly. Unfortunately the people at the clinic and at the AIDS project did not have much money. Many did not have jobs.  Some were too sick to have jobs.  Because they did not have money they could not buy health insurance (and the AIDS people had a pre existing condition) and could not see a doctor except some of the naturopathic students at a public health clinic.  

In both cases, these non profits relied on outdated herbal supplements and nutritional supplements to help their patients.  These were things that could be gotten for free from practitioners around the area.

If you are against a public option, Momma says that is fine but don’t tell her she is wrong until you have had to sit doing hospice work on people who would still be alive if they had not had the misfortune to loose a job or loose their insurance when they needed it most.  Those stories people are writing in and telling happen every single day.  Don’t lie to yourselves.   If anything most people minimize what was done and take too much responsibility for things they should have done differently.  They are not crying wolf.  Momma has had to sit there and watch them die.  Acupuncture is good but it can’t save someone who should have been treated for a potentially life threatening illness years before they actually got treatment.

Cheysuli Continues to Elude Capture

Chey, NHFormer Presidential Candidate Cheysuli continues to elude capture.    This dangerous, socialist, fascist, nazi communist cat continues to avoid captures by homeland security, big Catnip security black ops and local police departments.   The FBI has been unable to locate her and the CIA refuses to comment.    One issue says one friend, who continues to stand by Cheysuli (and also has ties to the infamous domestic terrorist group Pooses for Peace), is that they haven’t decided exactly what she is given that you can’t be a socialist fascist nazi communist as they all contradict each other in their philosophies.

Agencies within the federal government were unswayed by this undoubtedly flawed intellectual doublespeak.   Big Catnip says that they were forced to press charges when Cheysuli began looking into the possibility of speaking to kittens about using catnip wisely.   

“We can’t have this this cat indoctrinating our kittens!  People have rights about what they want to tell their kittens and who is Cheysuli to make take that decision away from them.”

Given that critics can’t decide what Cheysuli’s message is, no doubt there would be something for everyone to be offended by.

In other news, on Huffington Post, we read that Senator Chuck Grassley calls in sick once a week to watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. He just can’t get enough of it…

Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7106aI am watching to see if Cheysuli comes home.  I do not know how I would hide her. I saw a large black cat dressed quite finely but with a shaved behind as if he were trouble watching our house. I am sure he is one of the watchers they have on the house.

I think that Momma’s cell phone has been bugged.   They likely were able to get a warrant as Cheysuli ran when they came to arrest her.

They are also talking about charging her with hogging toys.  That’s something I can’t argue with.   I think Big Catnip is mad that she was hoping to go to shelters and talk to kittens about what a bad habit cheap catnip can be.  They should only inhale organic, locally grown catnip.   Big Catnip doesn’t want that to happen! They are mad because they gave her so much money for her election that she lost and this is how she is repaying them.

Cheysuli: Wanted

IMG_7134aFormer Presidential Candidate Cheysuli has been officially charged with the following crimes:

  • Using a stolen fraudulent credit card from Daisy the Curly Cat.
  • Associating with a known Catstra Nostra Member, Sammy the Whappinator
  • Hiring and associating with those attempting to Whap reporters who were bringing the story to light
  • Illegal entry into the country as a Borg
  • Mail fraud for attempting to mail the Male to Cory Cat
  • Ties to the Domestic Terrorist Group, Pooses For Peace
  • Impersonating a blimp
  • Being unaffected by catnip

If you have seen Cheysuli or have any ideas about where she is, you are instructed to not approach the cat.   She can be dangerous. Please call your local federal agents at your first opportunity.   This includes you Harley...

Sammy, if you are out there.  We’re watching you too…

Kaika is Sunday Guest Star

209003_1168133453I realize it’s hard you guys–you don’t go traveling.   However a very small group of cats keeps winning.  Once again: Kaika is my Sunday guest star.

Kaika said,

Are you at the Lincoln Park Zoo?

He was kind enough to not identify which cat I was.  However, the feds have been tracking me during the hams of the world tour. I don’t know how they do it. Perhaps it is the pork hanging from my mouth or the lamb I am riding on?

The Island Cats also found me

We think you’re at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago…but where’s that lamb that you’re supposed to be on???

Sneak over to the Ham Tour when you’re done there!!!

Nina the Torbie was also correct

At any rate, this was in the Lincoln Park Zoo. I had hoped to fool everyone including the government who is after me again.  I figured no one would ever know which one I was and also there are lots of zoos right?

Sweet Praline was a bit right:

you’re taking it easy in the sunrays beside a tiger!

Gandalf and Grayson and Whitey guessed I was at a zoo so technically they were also correct.

Eric and Flynn suggested:

Wow! You’ve got yourself some good protection if the Feds do find you!

Alas, the tiger was a big chicken.  When the feds came he ran and hid…

At least I have friends like Harley who are helping me find out who are conspiring against me!

Harley is a little bit worried that some of the “tea party” protesters might be trying to frame you, Chey!

Oh dear–I hope not!  They are awfully well funded by corporations!

Find Chey Friday


I think I blend in well here. Even if I am found I bet those feds won’t know which is me and which is the other cat!  I’ll have them fooled!  I really have to get out and to clear my name from all of this!  I can’t believe this has come to this level of conspiracy!

Find Full Find Chey Rules here.

Thankful Thursday

IMG_7109aI am very thankful that I can touch my nose with my tongue!  Look at me!

I know you are wondering why you are seeing me here today and not Cheysuli.  The government came to investigate her but her friend Tony got here first to warn her.   She has been framed in a conspiracy to overthrow Big Catnip!  

Anyway she has had to go on the lamb.  I am not sure why being on a lamb is safer than being here but that is what she said.  So she and the lamb are somewhere but I do not know where. I don’t know where she is at all.   This is a horrible time for her to disappear with the hams of the world tour, but I think that is the first place they would look for her.   The lamb would also stick out I think.

Cheysuli Once Again Under Investigation

IMG_7143aFormer Candidate Cheysuli has been under suspicion once again, this time for not eating the food that she is supposed to eat.  While some suggest she is trying to loose weight, others posit that she is secretly injecting poison into the food to get rid of Gemini.

While the scandal looms, Gemini supports say this is quite unlikely as Gemini doesn’t eat the food either.  Further, Gemini tends to eat before Cheysuli, suggesting that if anyone is trying to poison each other, it would be Gemini.

The Attorney General has refused to comment on whether Cheysuli will be indicted.

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