Monday: Cat House Best Seller

cathouseToday’s anticipated release of the book Cat House, by a reporter who went undercover to find out the inner workings is sure to be shocking on many levels.

Initially, it just seems to be the story of connections, innocent connections that would make sense.  It’s no surprise that New Jersey mafioso Tony Soprano should know the infamous Whapinator, Samuel Alphonse Meezer.   What’s more shocking is that both have ties to the Cat House, which also ties them such notables as the Domestic Terrorist Group, the Pooses For Peace, as well as Fashion Diva Daisy the Curly Cat, stars such as George Clooney and Johnny Depp, not to mention political figures like the late Senator Ted Kennedy, Senator Russ Feingold and Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  More troubling is that recently there have been many visits to the infamous meeting place by Bo Obama, leading to speculation that even the president may have been influenced by this group, rumored to be led by fugitive Cheysuli.

Conversations recorded inside the House refer to asking Cheysuli about a variety of issues and deferring to the former presidential Candidate in a way that goes beyond mere friendship.

“There’s no doubt that she’s a leader in this house,” said one unnamed source, “And there’s no doubt that the ultimate goal is total world domination.”

The Cat House is sure to be shocker, showing how close to real power one megolomaniac Siamese came to being president.  More frighteningly, it shows that she still might hold power, but behind the scenes.  Even as a fugitive she continues to maintain a hold over many followers.   Buy your copy today! You won’t believe the secrets she could be hiding!


  1. Ooooh, such intrigue. We can’t wait.

  2. I’m off to force my mom to order me a copy on…and no super saver wait 5-9 days for shipping this time around! This will be a paw turner!

    uh…there won’t be any mention of my involvement in the male mail fraud scheme, right?

  3. I’m right behind Cory heading over to Amazon. Total intrigue!

  4. We can’t wait here, too!

  5. Seems like alla’ the books are politically tinged lately. This should be a best seller!

  6. Very exciting! We will go pick up a copy asap!

  7. So, it was all a ruse? You akshully lost the election on purrpose to gain World Domination?

  8. We gotta get a copy…we got to read all about it!

  9. wait, I can’t even pronounce those names. I only know people by their nicknames. And what’s wrong with cats getting together to engage in conversations about Total World Domination? or whatever it was that we were talking about, I probably took several naps during the conversations. Anyway, Tony was there because he was on vacation and he was sightseeing! – Samuel Alofnse Meezer

  10. We are going to order our copy right now!

  11. Wouldn’t it be great if some network picked up an option on the book and made a Movie of the Week?!

  12. Things are never boring when Chey is around! Her fame is spurreading ever wider (or should I say her infamy)!

  13. Oh dear, I hope all our secrets are not revealed! We could be like Danielle on The Real Housewives of New Jersey! I swear, the only parts that are true: changed my name, and I was arrested. All the rest is false. I swears it!

  14. You go Chey!!!!!!

  15. Move over, Jeff Sharlett … Wow! This book may be more telling than the one about the C Street house. I’d better get my copy …

  16. “There’s no doubt that she’s a leader in this house,” said one unnamed source, “And there’s no doubt that the ultimate goal is total world domination.”
    See,it’s only shocking to humans!! We are after world domination!!!!
    We are succeeding, but we won’t tell them that.
    The poor humans…they can’t handle the truth!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  17. oooo we cant waits!

    hellllllllllooooo booteefull Miss Gemini.

    your sleepy boyfriendcat

  18. Hey! I came by earlier to be sure that you knew about the party tomorrow, but blogger was being mean to me! Hope to see you all! It is gonna be FUN!
    Kitty kisses from Italy,

  19. Tales be told an insiders are begging to get da secret behind da scene shenigans owt. Could be a money maker fur shure.

  20. Power behind the oval office!

  21. hmmmm Chey who? Samuel Meezer who? Pooses for what? Does this pirate hat make me look fat? Bo… pass me that flask of rum. yo ho yo ho………

  22. The answer to the one big secret that I wunt to know is win is Chey gonna become the spokescat fur Jenny Craig?

  23. We would even get a kitten-kindle, so we could listen to it in bed…

  24. ‘Cat House’ is sure ta be the BIG book this year for all political junkies! Many secrets ta be revealed, we are sure!

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