Meezer Rumors Wednesday

IMG_7215aRumors abound that fugitive Catstra Nostra Leader Cheysuli has been offered millions for a tall all book.   Agents have been lining up to find the fugitive cat but have been unable to do so.   Cheysuli, herself, however managed to snag an editor at one of the major houses to listen to their pitch on a book about her side of the story.

A working title for the moment seems to be Rogue Compass.  Everyone in publishing realizes that there are those who would advocate for My Life as a Blimp instead.  Insiders say Cheysuli will focus on her passion for helping those who cannot help themselves, including homeless pets.   Others are hoping for more scandalous tales, like what really goes on in meetings with the Whapinator and Tony Soprano.

Any book about the fugitive ex-presidential candidate, who has been plagued by scandal since throwing her hat into the political ring, is likely to be an exciting saga of one mistaken decision after another.   From choosing Fidel Castro as her campaign manager to pooting at one of her first candidate speeches, Cheysuli’s campaign was one misstep after another.   Lately the charges brought about my Big Catnip have taken their toll, forcing Chey and her lamb to disappear. 

Don’t expect some slim volumed easy read.  Cheysuli is a Siamese and they talk.


  1. Oh we really hope you stay with “Rogue Compass’ and about yer werk fer homeless pets! Though a few pictures (chapter?) of “Find Chey” wouldn’t be a bad idea…

  2. I like picture books, will it be a picture book? If you could include pictures of hams you have loved that would be bonus!

    No matter what we support you and we’ll sign up for the presale on

  3. We are supporting you as well!

  4. Please do let us know as soon as we can pre order on I want to be one of the first to get my paws on this juiciness.

  5. We are very sad to say that we have heard some of the unflattering names being thrown around about Chey… including the Yackinator.

  6. Wow! Once the book is out…the movie won’t be far behind!

  7. Now, were you offered millions of dollars or millions of temptations for the tell all book?

  8. My goodness Chey! Are you sure you’re ready to tell it all! It sounds like there’s lots to tell, and that’s going to be one big book.

  9. Oooh, we can’t wait to read the book!

  10. Sounds like a blockbuster!

  11. We can’t wait to see you dish the dirt in your bok Chey.

  12. You will be sending out sneak previews to all your friends, right? Just tell me when and I’ll watch for the guy in the blue shorts. But be sure to send mine in a plain, brown wrapper. I don’t want to arouse any suspicion.


  13. what do they mean they want to know what happens at meetings with the Whapinator and Tony? what do they THINK goes on. We sleep and Tony eats. sheesh

  14. We can’t wait to read it! Maybe you could put a few excerpts up here?

  15. More more more!!!! Bring on the pop corn!!!

  16. I can’t waits to read da chapter entitled “little Miss Brown Tabby”…

    Helllllllllllloooooooooo Miss Gemini
    yur boyfriendcat

  17. A tell-all book! Can’t wait!

  18. we luk forward ta tha buk.

  19. Will dis be a tall tail book or a truful one? Inqirein kittehs want to know.

  20. It sounds like quite a book. I would really like to read it. I bet you have some really juicy stories to tell, Chey.

  21. I’ll be sure to pre-order a copy as soon as your book hits Amazon!

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