Kaika is Sunday Guest Star

209003_1168133453I realize it’s hard you guys–you don’t go traveling.   However a very small group of cats keeps winning.  Once again: Kaika is my Sunday guest star.

Kaika said,

Are you at the Lincoln Park Zoo?

He was kind enough to not identify which cat I was.  However, the feds have been tracking me during the hams of the world tour. I don’t know how they do it. Perhaps it is the pork hanging from my mouth or the lamb I am riding on?

The Island Cats also found me

We think you’re at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago…but where’s that lamb that you’re supposed to be on???

Sneak over to the Ham Tour when you’re done there!!!

Nina the Torbie was also correct

At any rate, this was in the Lincoln Park Zoo. I had hoped to fool everyone including the government who is after me again.  I figured no one would ever know which one I was and also there are lots of zoos right?

Sweet Praline was a bit right:

you’re taking it easy in the sunrays beside a tiger!

Gandalf and Grayson and Whitey guessed I was at a zoo so technically they were also correct.

Eric and Flynn suggested:

Wow! You’ve got yourself some good protection if the Feds do find you!

Alas, the tiger was a big chicken.  When the feds came he ran and hid…

At least I have friends like Harley who are helping me find out who are conspiring against me!

Harley is a little bit worried that some of the “tea party” protesters might be trying to frame you, Chey!

Oh dear–I hope not!  They are awfully well funded by corporations!


  1. My dearest Chey! I wanted to take this chance to thank you ever so much for your many nice visits to my blog. You are a treasure friend for sure and I have not told you that enough. Life gets busy and we do not always have the time to appreciate our visitors, so here is a big basket of Peachy love for you up there in the Emerald City…
    Your devoted Miss Peach

  2. Concats to Kaika.
    We hope you keep on giving them the slip until Harley finds out what is going on and it all dies down again Chey. Sorry to hear that the tiger was a big chicken really.

  3. Congratulations to Kaika. I think the clumps that were being tossed out the window helped the Feds follow you. I hope that you can stay ahead of them until they give it up as a bad job.

  4. Well, I could identify it as a zoo, but that’s all. Being Canadian, I’m not familiar with all the zoos in the U.S. Oh well.

  5. Harley’s spy skills will likely be of great use to you, Chey. And also his tool belt and bag of tricks, of course.

  6. Guess we gotta be quicker next time, Chey! Congrats to Kaika! We hope Harley can find out who’s conspiring against you!!!

  7. I knew it was a zoo all along, but didn’t want to give you away to the feds. If they try to get at you during the Ham tour we’ll protect you!

  8. Harley is hoping his electric drill, tweezers and magnifying plastic will help him figure things out.

  9. Meowee! Some of you are so well traveled! I should take a hint from Harley. If he’s gonna use his magnifying plastic, I should look into my crystal bowl.

  10. Don’t worry. If the feds come looking for you on the tour, Buddy will sit on you. Nothing will move him so the Feds won’t dare try.


  11. Kudos to Kaika, and congrats to all who followed with a good answer.

  12. Yay! I finally got mentioned for getting something right! Hee! Hee! I don’t get out too much, but I love to live through your travels.

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