“I am not a crook”

IMG_7171aFormer Presidential Candidate, and terrorist on the run, Cheysuli has released a statement from an undisclosed location,

“I am not a crook. Read my lips. I have not done anything wrong.  I will continue to work towards finding those who have perpetuated this conspiracy towards me.  I know it is YOU Big Catnip.   But I say to you, I know the only thing I have to fear is fear itself! I will talk softly and carry a big stick of homegrown catnip.  I will not be undone nor will I be misunderestimated.”

“You think I ran for president because I was selfish and trying to take over the world and I say, you are right.  But I do not ask what my country can do for me but what I can do for my country!   You will not catch me. The buck stops here. The dream is still alive.”


  1. beans just wanted to say , that is a gorgeous photo of you . but really they all are.

  2. Well said, Chey! And, might I add, you are still looking very presidential …

  3. Goodness, our momma got mental whiplash with alla’ those president’s quotes. It was like going through a rapid news flash through history! Her head was spinning so fast Forrest had to jump on and sit on it to stop the rotation?

  4. I think you must have hit all the big quotes of the last century, Chey. That’s a great picture of you.

  5. You are the best true teller, Chey!

  6. Chey, we stand by you no matter what!

  7. And you do it all with style and grace! That could well be your best Presidential Pose, Chey! If you were President, of course…

  8. Big Catnip doesn’t know what it’s up against, Chey! We support you 100%!!!

  9. wait, we’re cats, aren’t we supposed to ask what our country can do for us? why would we do anything for our country? that’s a lot like WORK.

  10. yoo mustve just been putting stuff away. we support yoo.

  11. So are we going to organize a catnip boycott? We’ll do what it takes Chey!

  12. I’m sorry….I’m lost in your blue eyes. You could tell me anything and I’d believe you!!

  13. Applause for Chey! The only thing we have to fear is fear itself!

  14. You are not a terrorist on the run. You’re a spouting quotation machine. But we get the drift. You’re innocent. And we back you.

  15. You tell ’em Chey!!!!!

  16. So, what did you do???

  17. We’re behind you all the way Chey. We will support you with whatever it takes. Umm, but surely not a catnip ban?

  18. Sock it to them Chey!

  19. You tell ’em Chey!

  20. Chey come on over, we will hides yoo fer awhile! We has plenty of kibble and nip to share too!

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