Find Chey Friday


I particularly like an outfit that suits me. Finding one can be difficult.  I bet no one will guess where I found this.  Anyone?  Anyone at all?

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  1. I have no earthly idea where you are. I thought you were hiding behind the Siamese pillow at my slumber party!

  2. We haven’t got as clue but you do look very majestic.

  3. it looks like in Asia?

  4. Dunno!

  5. Chey, you are very clever to have hidden yourself so well. And too far away from “them” to find you.

    I think you are at Batu Caves Temple near Kuala Lampur in Malaysia. Adan’s clue about Asia helped me to find a gold statue in Asia, and to find out about Batu Caves. The gold statue is of Lord Murugan.

  6. I have no idea, but can you bring me back a piece of that statue?

  7. Gold suits you Chey!

  8. We don’t have a clue…as usual…but it must be somewhere pretty exotic!

  9. China?

  10. Wait a second…you’re in South Carolina at Sweet Praline’s party….and we’re playing and napping and getting into mischief….right?

  11. Clueless in Chicago as usual! Hey, didn’t Karina Smirnoff wear that costume last Sunday at the Emmy’s for her dance routine?

  12. We think Simba has it! That’s a very beautiful place.

  13. Yes I think Simba is right as well! Very good!!! Of course, I have to admit to running back and forth for Praline’s party!

  14. Are you guarding the tower in the Wizard of Oz? All those purrsons look like ants.

  15. What Simba said!

  16. I’m thinking China or Thailand, but that’s about it … can’t wait to find out!

  17. We dont know where ya are, Chey, but it seems like a GREAT hiding place!

  18. How’d yoo fit into that stachoo, Chey, withowt yer blubber spilling out? If yer stuk, gimme a call and I’ll try to brake yoo out.

  19. Gold is your colour, Chey!

  20. Way to go, Simba!. You’re one smart kitty. I agree with Siena and Chilli, Chey … gold is your color.

  21. Isn’t it hard to lick yourself when you’re wearing that thing?

  22. Very cool outfit…versace? we are thinking bali or thailand or maybe the jungle cruise in disneyland?

  23. Yeah, totally Asia.
    You look wonnnnnnnderful. Gold is your color

  24. Hello Chey! Simba was right…it is the Mendenhall Glacier ice pack in that photo I sent to you and you used. I am surprised how long it took to guess that. The beans saw different glaciers this past trip but Mendenhall is the most famouse glacier ever…but it is not our favorite…we will send you a photo of our favorite to use some other time.
    Love Miss Peach

  25. Gold is your colour Chey! How sparkly you look in that outfit.

  26. IZ trooly loFURly U luk lik teh GODDESS U R!

  27. Your Majesty ::bows very low:: how lovely you look today. I haven’t a clue where you are, but you do look great.

  28. Well!!! That does suite you Chey!!!
    Can you move in that outfit 😉
    We hope so,’cause if you needed help,
    we wouldn’t know where to look!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  29. That is an awesome place to be!

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