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Now one would come here!  It’s way too cold here.  I mean really.  And who would look for a cat in the cold. Everyone knows we love heat. Yes, I think I should be safe here.  Wait–are you all looking at me? Will someone find me? Are they close by?!

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  1. I’m think maybe Bear Glacier ware it empties into Strohn Lake

    Bear Glacier Park is located on Highway 37A, between Meziadin Junction and Stewart in British Columbia.

    But I’m all upset and can’t think strate cuz I think the man did sumthing to my ladie like put her down the garbije dispozal cuz she is noware to be fownd.

  2. No Idea! We like the warm weather and when it gets cold we have a nice cozy house to comfort us. The snow looks good when you watch it from the heated side of the window! =^Y^=the Cat Street Boyz

  3. We thought somewhere in Alaska and mum said she would look through her photos she took when she was there, but we think Mao is probably right because he would have had geography lessons from Skeezix. We know Skeezix is a good geography teacher.

  4. Well, it’s definitely a glacier. I think we can all agree on that.

  5. Is Peachy a clue? Finding you every Friday is driving us crazy, Chey! That’s your plan, isn’t it! Ack! =:-0

  6. Are you in a Norwegian fjord? FAZ

  7. Are you going skiing?!?

  8. Dunno!

  9. No idea where you are, Chey, but could hell have possibly frozen over? hahaha!

    Looks too cold for us cool cats!

  10. It looks like somewhere in Alaska, but I wouldn’t recognize the specific location.

  11. I’m starting to shiver just looking at you. I have no idea where you are…no different that any other Friday!

  12. On a mountain way up high wif icy waters? *shiver* Quick gets out of there Chey!

  13. We don’t know where you are, Chey, but we think you are crazy for being there! Get out of the cold!

  14. It looks glacial….places that are that cold should not be inhabited by heat-seeking-meeziles like us!

  15. Ok, I’m going in for a guess…are you in Argentina? The last time I took a wild guess, that’s where you were!

  16. We think you are in the Canadian Rockies. Our mom has been to a glacier that looks like that there (except for the lake).

  17. Looks amost as cold as Whiskonsin. Is dat a glacier? Be careful!

  18. Sorry to take so long, but Mao you are wrong! I am so glad you haven’t been able to set any agents onto me…I am also not in Argentina… but I do hope that no one is going hunting by airplane around here…

  19. Frozen Tundra of far north Wiskerconsin?

  20. Total gess heer but how bouts the Perito Moreno Glacier? Mommy sez she thinks it wood make a grate martini!

  21. Ware’s smarty pants ‘Kaika???? And ware’s my lady????

  22. Mao–I think I see her over there—naw… shucks. Better run that was Sarah Palin..

  23. You are in Brrrrrrrmuda maybe? HaHaHaHaHa!
    Thanks for the purrs for my Mommy – I know they helped a lot!

  24. are you at the north pole? do you see santa? ask him to bring us all extra ham and tequila this year.

  25. It looks quite a lot like Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau Alaska, but I think it is somewhere else, not actually Mendenhall.

  26. CHEY i really don’t care WHERE you are, how come you never take me with you?

  27. Since you mentioned Ms. Palin, I’m looking in Alaska.

    How about Grewingk Glacier, Kachemak State Park Alaska.

    If that’s where you really are, hopefully you’ll get out of there before the feds catch up with you.

  28. Simba, I think you might have been more right than you know. Do you have a blog?

  29. Mum looked at her Alaska photos but couldn’t find any that looked quite like that. Dad asked why she was looking and had a look at your photo Chey and he said,’Hey, that looks just like the glacier I went to on the helicopter trip from Juneau!’ He thinks it was Meldenhall glacier in the Juneau icefield. He was lucky because a lot of the tours were cancelled because it was misty on some of the glaciers and too dangerous to fly there.

  30. Oops, we just noticed your comment above us and see Simba beat us to it.

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