Find Chey Friday


I think I blend in well here. Even if I am found I bet those feds won’t know which is me and which is the other cat!  I’ll have them fooled!  I really have to get out and to clear my name from all of this!  I can’t believe this has come to this level of conspiracy!

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  1. Where oh where are you today? San Diego Zoo–Not!

  2. oh…i lived down the street from the san diego zoo way back in the good old days. oh course i would never reveal where you are right now. it is best if you continue to hide. we will have a plane ready for your departure tonight. no need to pack- we have everything you will need.

    pooses for peace covert operations

  3. I’m not even going to guess this week Chey…what if a miracle happened and I was actually right? The feds would be on you like flies on…uh…you know. I couldn’t live with the guilt. So no…no guess out of me today. Even if I knew it I would never tell…not ever.

  4. Are you at the Lincoln Park Zoo?

  5. You’re taking it easy in the sunrays beside a tiger!

  6. ‘Kaika, I think sometimes you are the only cat who really listens when I talk… sigh. But yes, once again you are winner–but of course, you can’t really tell which one is me can you?

  7. Ya are with a tiger. Somewhere.

    We are pretty sure that is accurate. The rest is mere detail.

  8. Hmmm … you got me there, Chey!

  9. Well, now that you have been found, you can get back to the Hams of the Werld Tour. I know that the feds would suspect that you would join the tour, but the Weiner-mobile is so full of cats and dogs of every description, that they would never be able to find you.

  10. Dunno!

  11. Wow! You’ve got yourself some good protection if the Feds do find you!

  12. ~ in the jungle, the mighty jungle ~

  13. You are on the earth, laying on grass next to your first cousin.

  14. crappity crap crap crap – that’s one large tiger! we knows where you are – on the HAM tour wif us in Porkopolis!

  15. We would never tell!! We don’t want the Feds to get you!!
    Your (formally FL now) TX furiends,

  16. We think you’re at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago…but where’s that lamb that you’re supposed to be on???

    Sneak over to the Ham Tour when you’re done there!!!

  17. You look so regal and feline fine in your new habi-cat.

  18. Chey, LOOK OUT!!!!!

    Harley is a little bit worried that some of the “tea party” protesters might be trying to frame you, Chey!

  19. hello!



  20. Oh! I don’t know which of you is Chey! Am I supposed to guess where you are hiding? Wouldn’t that alert the Feds? Well, I’m wondering if maybe you returned to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. I hope you took some ham with you!

  21. We is finkin dat yoo is at some sort of animal sanctuary.

  22. I think you must be in some zoo somewhere, Chey! You are really good catmouflage in there!

  23. We think you got some great protection there whereever you are…keeping on step ahead of the law.

    Helllooooooooooooo gorgeous Miss Gemini.


  24. Well, we knew the Zoo part. ::sigh::

  25. You’re in Malaysia! Come and visit when the big cat there decides it’s hungry. As for conspiracy, we suspect Gemini. She’s too sweet to be real 😛

  26. Hanging out with your enforcer!

  27. I think it’s suspishus how many times ‘Kaika is rite. Duz Latte know?

  28. Who’s your buddy?

  29. I bet they cannot tell you fwom the other cat! I had to wook twice before I spotted you Chey!

  30. Did yoo skeer dat tiger by freatenin to eet him? Notty Chey!

  31. Hey–you don’t have anything ON that other cat! 🙂

  32. I hope that the tiger was nice to you, Chey and that you had fun at the zoo! I would like to chomp on all that green grass!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

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