Cheysuli: Wanted

IMG_7134aFormer Presidential Candidate Cheysuli has been officially charged with the following crimes:

  • Using a stolen fraudulent credit card from Daisy the Curly Cat.
  • Associating with a known Catstra Nostra Member, Sammy the Whappinator
  • Hiring and associating with those attempting to Whap reporters who were bringing the story to light
  • Illegal entry into the country as a Borg
  • Mail fraud for attempting to mail the Male to Cory Cat
  • Ties to the Domestic Terrorist Group, Pooses For Peace
  • Impersonating a blimp
  • Being unaffected by catnip

If you have seen Cheysuli or have any ideas about where she is, you are instructed to not approach the cat.   She can be dangerous. Please call your local federal agents at your first opportunity.   This includes you Harley...

Sammy, if you are out there.  We’re watching you too…


  1. Uh oh! Looks like it might be dangerous to hang around with Chey!

  2. Wait a minute! You don’t look like a blimp.

  3. I don’t believe a word of it!!!!

  4. Since when is not being affected by catnip a crime? Mr. Tuck should know about this. Hide out in the TARDIS, Chey. No one could possibly find you in there.

  5. Psst! Chey? Yoo can hide out at our place! Hop on your boogie mat or use the Tardis. They’ll never find yoo in Sidmouth, England.

  6. Of course she can be dangerous. She’s a cat. Dur.

  7. Oh Chey, that’s a long list of no-no’s!!!

  8. You’ve been set up Chey. We can offer you a safe house too if you need it.

  9. Chey…you gotta get yourself a good lawyer…you’ve been framed, we just know it!

  10. Oh no, Chey! Say it isn’t so! I thinks these charges must be all trumped up — purrhaps Donald (Trump, that is) could help!

  11. hmmmm chey who? never heard of her…… pass me a hit of that tequila please… do you think this witch hat makes me look fat? …..

  12. This is so not good. Being unaffected by the nip???

  13. If the feds question me again about my ties to your male…I’ll deny everything. Even if they dangle his socks in front of my face…uh well maybe…oh even thinking of those socks makes me weak….

    I’ll just deny everything and burrow in a blanket until they leave.

  14. no no no! i don’t believe one word of it, you were framed! RUN CHEY RUN!

  15. Chey, quick! Come hide out over here! We’ll keep your presence top secret and no one will ever find you among my massive cat staff!!


  16. Good fing yur *not* comin wif us on da TARDIS today ::wink wink::
    Is it illegal to impersonate a blimp an be unaffected by nip???

  17. Chey, do you need another credit card? I can make up, er, sign up for a new one any time for you!

  18. Chey, those Feds will have to get past all of us here at the Funny Farm. We’ll get them so confused they won’t remember what they came for. (We do that all the time with Jan, so we’ve had lots of practice.)

    And if you check Statue 183-9niner9-87-11-9umpteen-sixty-three, there is nothing illegal about impersonating a blimp. Except on the 6th Tuesday of the 7th month.

    They got you on the no response to catnip, though.But we maintain all the other charges are trumped up.

  19. Oh Chey, you’re in trouble. Stow away to Oz, they’ll never find you here!!! We Ozzie kitties will look after you.

  20. We sentz Chey up on that last shuttle… she went boom boom to the ISS.

  21. I know nothing about Chey’s location. That is my story and I am sticking to it.

  22. It’s a frame-up! And notice they pick the picture with the red eyes to make Chey look evil…

  23. We fink dis is all untrue. Dem fbi is on catnip!

  24. Thank you so much for alerting us to We sent their web site email to Obama urging him to meet with them, then we emailed the doctors and volunteered our art, writing and music skills to help them in any way we can. One of them wrote back right away! They’re going to read my mom’s email during their Care-a-Van stops, and they may be going to use Jenni’s song, too. The want to meet us when they stop in Bloomington, IN on Sept. 19, which is only about 45 miles from us.

    Rocky & Mom Sharolyn

  25. Chey!!! Those must be bogus charges.
    I had no idea that ‘entry into the country as a Borg’
    was illegal!!! I mean, really??????
    This is all just stupid!
    If you need to, come to Canada. We will look after you 😉
    Purrs Mickey

  26. Shouldn’t be too hard to spot. Just look for “Goodyear” printed on the side.

  27. hey! I am an UNKNOWN cosa nostra member!!!! – Samuel Alfonse Meezer

  28. Oh Chey, has it really come to this?

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