Cheysuli Continues to Elude Capture

Chey, NHFormer Presidential Candidate Cheysuli continues to elude capture.    This dangerous, socialist, fascist, nazi communist cat continues to avoid captures by homeland security, big Catnip security black ops and local police departments.   The FBI has been unable to locate her and the CIA refuses to comment.    One issue says one friend, who continues to stand by Cheysuli (and also has ties to the infamous domestic terrorist group Pooses for Peace), is that they haven’t decided exactly what she is given that you can’t be a socialist fascist nazi communist as they all contradict each other in their philosophies.

Agencies within the federal government were unswayed by this undoubtedly flawed intellectual doublespeak.   Big Catnip says that they were forced to press charges when Cheysuli began looking into the possibility of speaking to kittens about using catnip wisely.   

“We can’t have this this cat indoctrinating our kittens!  People have rights about what they want to tell their kittens and who is Cheysuli to make take that decision away from them.”

Given that critics can’t decide what Cheysuli’s message is, no doubt there would be something for everyone to be offended by.

In other news, on Huffington Post, we read that Senator Chuck Grassley calls in sick once a week to watch Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. He just can’t get enough of it…


  1. Nice work, Cheysuli!
    Keep driving!!!

  2. Good on you, Chey! We’ll look out for you.

    Thanks for coming to my party. Nope, she is not there anymore, no need to raid the party.

  3. If anyone can give ’em the slip, it’s you, Chey! And I promise not to reveal your whereabouts on Friday …

  4. Go Chey, Go ~ we’re supporting yoo all the way!

  5. Keep eluding them Chey!

  6. Ummm, Chey? It might be a Bad Idea to be in a town bearing your name. Srsly.

  7. Thanks for bringing Ham to MoMo’s party. The woofies are woofing it down and us kitties have been gobbling it up too.

    We are serving birthday cake sent over by Sassy for breakfast and we will get Mommy to whip up some ham & cheese omelets once she has had some coffee.

  8. And even if Chey was at the party you would never find her amongst the rest of us. But like MoMo said she has already left for parts unknown.

  9. We’re behind you all the way, Chey!

  10. chey, i thoughted you was RETURNING the weener-mobile to the weener-mobile rental place. wait, they didn’t rent it to us. we kind of hot wired it. anyway, it’s a bit con-spik, con-spic, er, obvious. we thought you might try to sneak into some time travel in the tardis!

  11. Chey, you’re such a rebel! I’d say you’re ahead of your time, but I think you would have done better in the ’60s!

  12. Ha! We just checked out the Huffington Post and read that Rush Limbaugh eats pudding made from the rats that infest his home! Now if he would switch to mousies he might be on to something!

    Pee Ess…you might want to ask my sister Cecilia for help. If she doesn’t want to be caught, no one can catch her. She can be a great asset to you Chey..but you might have to ditch the weinermobile.

  13. You go, Cheysuli!

  14. Go……………

  15. We hope they never catch up to you, Chey!!!

  16. I wonder is Senator Grassley has ever seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants II

  17. Chey, you mite wanna change to a less, um, conspic-you-us machine. An avoid places named fur you.

    Efur seen a bumper sticker, “Nuke a Gay Whale for Jesus”? Yup, offensif to just bout efurryone.

  18. Gosh you do have an exciting life Chey, and I love your cat it as it looks kinda like noms! 🙂


  19. Chey, maybe if you give a speech this evening you can explain everything!

  20. Way to elude the coppers Chey!!!!!!

  21. Is Chey still on the … you know what, you know where. Does this mean she hasn’t come home yet? Should we send Buddy out to find her just to make sure she’s okay? (He’s a hound, you know.) Or maybe he should be tracking those tracking Chey?

    We’re starting to get concerned.

  22. Keep going Chey! You keep running and we will keep hiding you and defending you!

  23. Somehow, “Run, Chey, Run” has a different meanin right now than in the campaign!

  24. Good luck Chey, you can outsmart them. You would probably be better ditching the weinermobile though.

  25. The Feds are pretty stoopid!!
    If a kitty does not want to be found,they won’t be found!!
    They need to go find some REAL criminals.
    We’re behind you all the way Chey!!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  26. Heehee Chey, I’m sure you can keep ahead of the Feds etc.! You may want to consider the Pres’s health reform ideas carefully though. The Canadian system is Not Good. Waiting times are worse than on the NHS here in the UK (which, I have to say, has treated me very well recently). I have rellies in both Canada and the USA (and living in both – not at the same time, obviously, lol!) so I hear stuff. Just saying… :)xxx

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