Cheysuli Once Again Under Investigation

IMG_7143aFormer Candidate Cheysuli has been under suspicion once again, this time for not eating the food that she is supposed to eat.  While some suggest she is trying to loose weight, others posit that she is secretly injecting poison into the food to get rid of Gemini.

While the scandal looms, Gemini supports say this is quite unlikely as Gemini doesn’t eat the food either.  Further, Gemini tends to eat before Cheysuli, suggesting that if anyone is trying to poison each other, it would be Gemini.

The Attorney General has refused to comment on whether Cheysuli will be indicted.


  1. Wowww~~
    You got purple eye!!!!
    Extremely cool!

  2. Maybe the woman should just get you food you will eat instead of what you’re supposed to eat…

  3. Stay strong my love! I’ll come defend you for sure. I’ve been sleeping on a lot of law books so I must have absorbed something.

  4. Whoa Chey, the press just won’t leave you alone…and this latest scandal sounds serious. Did you eat a bit of the food and it turned one of your eyes purple?? No matter what, you can count on your friends to spring you from whatever situation you’re in.

  5. Sounds like the press have got it in for you Chey. Don’t worry, we know it is all malicious rumours.

  6. Why can’t they just see the simple truth of the matter? We do not want to eat foods we are “supposed to eat”, which everybuddy else knows is just a euphemism for Yuckity, Yuck, Yuck!

  7. Oh, no, not again. When will opponents stop harping on every little thing you do? (You aren’t trying to poison Gemini, are you?)

  8. We don’t believe one one second that you would poison someone Chey!

  9. Food…that goes uneaten…is…a…SACRILEGE!!! Or something like that.

  10. Poison?!?! Nah, I’d never believe it. I think that the food is just not nommy!

  11. We wouldn’t eat food that turned our eyes purple either!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  12. Well, someone has to eat that food – send it to US!

  13. it’s that bad that no one will eat it? what are they trying to give you?

  14. Poison?! Absurd. The news media make up the craziest sh-, um, stuff.

  15. Yer bein persabelcuted, Chey. Hide good!

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