IMG_6502aI am sitting in the sun in this photo.  Today, though is not so sunny.  We FINALLY had rain.  Usually we get lots and lots and lots of rain, but not this year. Everything was very dry so everyone is very happy that we are getting a goodly amount of rain.  Our plants need it badly.

I like watching it outside and listening to it.   I don’t mind unless there are lots of loud noises with it. Normally we don’t get those, but we did get some earlier this year.  I did not like it at all.

I hope that all the birdies and squirrels do not get too wet to be outside.  Also, I hope that the little Bobcat Momma saw on her way to work last week is safe.  We are in a very populated area. Momma was quite distressed to see the little cat (about the size of a midsize dog) peeking out of one treed area.   He or She must have come out of the valley and gotten a bit lost and was stuck up on the plateau.  She hopes that it made it back home.   The plateau area isn’t an area for a wild cat.


  1. I don’t like being outside at all, even if it is under cover, when it rains, much less if it is booming.

  2. I sure hope that little bobcat is safe!

  3. Rain is nice ~ as long as you’re inside. Purrs for the Bobcat.

  4. I think we should move some rain to your place,
    our country has too many rain now.
    And that is very terrible~
    I hope you have cooler air, and nice water.

  5. Yay for the rain! We could certainly use some around here too!
    We sure hope the bobcat finds it’s way back to it’s habitat!

  6. We’re glad you got some rain finally….and we hope the little bobcat made its way back to its home safely…

  7. Oh poor little bobcat. we hope it makes it home safely. We have some kind of stray cat that’s bigger than ben lounging in the development some days. But, it’s HUGE. And mom doesn’t know if it’s stray, but is pretty sure. See’s its paw prints all the time- in the snow even. But she always has ben, so she can’t check it out, and, it doesn’t really seem social.

  8. oh we hopes the bobcat is ok too!

  9. Did you know the bobcat sighting up in your area made the news down here in Portland? There were several people who saw it, including a little girl who thought it was cute until it did in a squirrel. We will purr for it’s safety.

  10. Mom had a bobcat come inside her house in Florida once. Her Pekingese dogs were chasing it up and down the hall. Yikes! We keep meaning to do a post about that.

  11. It has been rainy here this winter. And cold, so I am staying inside most of the time on my heating pad.

  12. We always wonder where all the birdies go when there is rain. I enjoy watching the rain, too. It’s just the lightening and thunder that are bad.

  13. We could use some rain too, but not the booming, flashing type.

  14. Today we had sun – at last. We have had too much rain for three summers in a row now. We hope the little bobcat gets back home safely.

  15. The news on the bobcat sighting was several days ago, but I think they said it was in Bellevue!

  16. We hope the little bobcat is okay too. Meowm once saw a deer walking right down the middle of a very busy road, late at night. That deer had a young deer with it….she hopes they headed back to the mountains quickly!

    We are glad you finally had some rain….we will purr for more for you!

  17. Poor little Bobcat, hope he/she makes it to safer grounds!

    You do look so comfy in the sun. We have sun today, which is amazing since all it seems to do the last 3 years is rain in summer in the UK pfft!

    Whicky Wuudler

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