Thankful Thursday

img_4724aHere I was, so thankful for the sun and the catnip.  Momma was playing with old photos and decided to play with this one, so she did some funky stuff to it.   I get very happy on catnip and I am thankful for that.

Cheysuli is very thankful for all her friends and the comments they left yesterday.  Did you know what the Funny Farm kids said?

Oh, Chey. This is terrible. Can you function without total adoration from many, many fans? Should we alert the media, get some smelling salts, or …?? Just tell us what we can do to help. We can’t have our ex-presidential candidate languishing.

Cheysuli is so thankful that they are going to alert the media!

Now, I have to have a little more catnip. Is that a fish down there?! Wow.  This is really good stuff.  I am so thankful for this nip so that I can try and catch that fish that is swimming in my sunshine!


  1. Uh oh…too much nip on the brain…now fishies are swimming around you in the sunbeams. That’s some serious nip you got there.

    Can I have some?

  2. You look very happy Gemini! Enjoy the sunshine, nip and the fish! :)xxx

  3. Mmmmmmmmm. Help out Chey or the catnip? Which one will you choose?

  4. Gemini, you’ve gotten your paws onto some seriously awesome nip, haven’t you?!

  5. We are a little worried that the fishie seems ta be swimmin ABOVE ya. Which what makes ya be all wet an drownin… Mebbe better be seen catchin mousies an dry? Better fer that primo politico image.

  6. You do look a little ‘nipped out in that picture, Gemini…

  7. That must have been some primo ‘nip!

  8. Gemini, what could be sweeter – catnip AND a fishie! Enjoy your day.

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  9. What a great picture, Gemini! Nip is indeed a very, very good thing.

  10. sunspots and nip? There is NO better way to spend an afternoon…

  11. It doesn’t get much better than that, Gemini! I especially love the floating fishie … I would be very thankful, too, if I had one of those!

  12. Funny how the catnip makes a fish appear out of nowhere!

  13. Glad you’re doing a little better today, Chey. Have the papparazzi called round yet?

  14. Have you gotten any calls from the media yet Chey??

  15. Gemini,that must be super powerful catnip!!! We can see the fish too 😮
    Say Hi to Chey for us 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  16. what a beautyful picture.

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