Thankful Thursday

IMG_7007aI am thankful for my green sparkle ball.  I love it.  Actually sometimes I love the green and sometimes I love the blue.

I am also thankful for all the cats who came to my rescue with the mobs yesterday. Imagine that!  I couldn’t believe they’d come after me!  I’m a private cat now!

I have to go to the vet tomorrow.  I am not thankful for that, but hopefully she will find that I am as healthy as I feel. I hope she doesn’t say the “d” word.   I can’t imagine living without the lovely food that I have.  My consolation?  Gemini has to go to.  I AM thankful for that!


  1. Oh, I love my sparkle balls too.

  2. I hope the result from the vet will be good,
    befpre that,
    Have a great time with your green ball.

  3. That’s the most beautiful sparkle ball I have ever seen! There are no green sparkle balls at our pet store! We have silver and blue ones at our house. But green is my favorite color. You are lucky, Chey. Good luck at the vet tomorrow.

  4. The D-word use to scare us. As it turns out, the new prescription foods that Gandalf needs for his FLUTD tends to put weight on us. And we all have taken to it pretty good. And it’s not our fault and Mom can not take it away from us. Ha!

    Oh, this was about you… good luck at the Vet tomorrow, Chey. We all think you look fabulous!

  5. That is a pretty sparkle ball Chey. Good luck at the V E T. If the D word is mentioned, have a coughing fit or something and your human might not hear it.

  6. We’ve got a sparkly ball just like yours and we love it too! Good luck at the VETS!

  7. I hear rumors that I have to go for my wellness check soon as well.
    I hope that you have a good visit and no D word is used!

  8. We hope your v-e-t visit goes well tomorrow…and for Gemini too…even though you’d probably enjoy her getting a shot or two….

  9. Great sparkle ball! We have a bloo one!

  10. Tony and I will leave a few “friends” behind to make shur the mobs don’t come back

    Great sparkle ball BTW. Oh, and Miles says to remember to pee on the v-e-t.

    Samuel Alfonse Meezer

  11. It’s nice that you are thankful for things big and small. As small as your ball, and as big as your rescue! I’m sure your visit to the vet will go fine. Maybe they will just change the type of food that you eat instead of putting you on a “d”!

  12. Dear Chey

    Those are wonderful things to be thankful for. We are thankful for your intelligence and wit, which you constantly and thankfully share with us.

    As for jumping directly to the counter top, many of my puggy cohorts are not as tall as I am, so they are not capable of jumping that high. We do not have your powerful back legs. Therefore, I must teach them in steps. Besides, I don’t want all the beans to have heart attacks when they see their pugs up high, something they could never do before.


  13. I’m always thankful when I get to go to the v-e-t with my momma so I don’t have to go alone.

    I think you should be thankful you are a private citizen now Chey…but even if the pawpawrazzi can’t resist you, you can be thankful for your friends who will claw, scratch and hiss on your behalf.

  14. I am purring for all good things at the v-e-t tomorrow!

  15. We have a blue sparkle ball like that and love it so much, but it is falling apart some now, sadly… Good luck at the vet tomorrow.

  16. Good luck you two tomorrow!

  17. Good luck at the Vet Chey.
    Let’s hope the only “d” word you hear is “delightful” 🙂
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. Good luck at the Vet tomorrow. I’m sure you and Gemini will be pronounced devastatingly delightful domestic deities. We would not like to see less of you.

  19. We hope the news is all good for you and Gemini tomorrow…

  20. Good luck darling Chey and Gemini! Let no “d” word pass the v-e-t’s lips!

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