Thankful Thursday

IMG_6973aI bet you are thankful you finally get to see me in full color!  I know I am very thankful for all the ideas you gave me on a nickname.

I quite liked Your Majesty.  I am not sure I liked that it made the Male spit all over his computer screen when the Woman told him.

Of course Max said his nickname is MaxMaxMax, which put the song,

Shake Shake Shake…

Shake Shake Shake

Shake your Booooty

Shake your Boooty

Into the Woman’s mind.   She changed the words to the more sublime:

Chey Chey Chey

Chey Chey Chey



It is too bad one of the few things she is worse at than singing is dancing because I have been forced to listen to this around the house all afternoon yesterday.   Sigh.  Those of you who suggested that not having a nickname was a good thing and perhaps you are right.   It is too bad your advice came too late… sigh


  1. Once they go down the pet name path, there’s no going back…one day I may even admit to mine.

  2. Your Majesty is not half bad when addressed with a deep curtesy. Nice restful pose there, Chey!

  3. Your majesty! It has a nice ring to it.

  4. It is good to see you in glorious color again, Chey. Your Majesty sounds like the perfect nickname to me.

  5. Oh, so yoo are not gonna be called Cheysie-bum?

  6. Chey, our mom sings our nicknames to us too…it’s so sad what we cats hafta put up with….

  7. Oh no – now our Mom is singing

    Chey Chey Chey

    Chey Chey Chey



    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  8. I also agree with your majesty. it’s a terrible thing when our beans get these songs in their heads and start singing your name to it. Our beans do it all the time. It’s quite demeaning.

  9. We like Your Majesty … ‘specially since it made the Male spit on his computer screen! Hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  10. You are in fine form this morning!

    We were wondering, where are you getting all the hams?

    Moe and Carmela

  11. a nickname that you can dance to is the WERST!!!

  12. Your Majesty suits you well. We hope it doesn’t get abbreviated to Maj.

  13. I have lots of names too. Like Mr Balloon Pants and PepiYoureInTheWay. Sometimes I think pet names are overrated.
    your bud Pepi

  14. I like Your Majesty. At least hopefully you will never have to endure the indignities thrust upon me, such as “Tibblez” and “Tibbley-poo!”

    My mommy sings silly songs about us, too. Moms. Sigh.

  15. Your Majesty is the purrfect name for you because you are majestic!

  16. Now we can’t get the Chey Chey Chey song out of our heads!

  17. Well, at least she isn’t calling you one of the nasty nicknames Mao suggested.

  18. I like the Chey song!

  19. We’ve got the Chey song stuck in our heads now…. it’s catchy!

    Love the picture!

  20. Heh. It might grow on you, you know… 🙂

  21. Hi gorgeous!!!!!!!!!! I am so so so sorry about my STOOPID mom and her not visiting. I think your nick name should be like mine, I love my name “Sugar Bear”. I however do not like the new Sugar-butt. Sometimes I get sug-let.

  22. Wow! Now you have a Theme Song, too, Your Majesty Chey! Awesome!

  23. Your Majesty Chey, we think that picture of you is sublime!!!

    Umm…could you video your Mommy doing that?????

    Love, uSSSSS

  24. Yup,we are saddled with a bean that cannot sing and likes to do so!!!!
    We feel your pain 😉
    Majesty is a great nickname…it suits 🙂
    So does Prez. You may not have won the election,
    but you are a Prez to us kitties !!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  25. Greatings Yer Majisty Chey Chey Chey… Oops, it is cat-chy! It cud driev yuo up The Pole, HARHARHAR!

    Paw waevs, Alfie, smoochies 😉 xxx

  26. We call Au “Mr Kitty” which is a bit uninspired and Target is called “Snizzles” but only when there are no other people around to hear it. I also call them fuzzy face, little tail, and a host of other pet names. I think they call me “Stupid”.

    You’re looking very regal there on the sofa, Your Majesty!

  27. At least you made the male spit up…that’s always a good thing!

  28. hahaha grate song. beanz are silly.

  29. Oh Your Majesty!! That is a cool nickname! Our Mom can’t sing either!!
    Your FL furiends,

  30. Your fur/pattern looks so exquisite!! Must be all the beauty sleep as shown in your pic. 🙂

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