Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7078aSometimes I like to be upside down.  This was in the sun awhile ago when Momma took all those nice photos of me. I was rolling and posing.

She wanted more photos of me last night because I was on her lap and then I rolled around and grabbed her foot. I was very cute when I was sleeping.  Well of course I was cute! How could she think otherwise.

Momma is kind of upset with me though because I will not eat any of the good good kitty food she gets me.  I am being very finicky.  I know what I want but she will not buy it for me.  She says it is bad stuff and that I should eat good good kitty food that is healthy.  I don’t want to eat healthy food.  I want to eat tasty food. I do not know why she doesn’t understand that.


  1. Hmmmm Gemini…were you and Ginger separated at birth? What is it with you Tabby girls always rolling and explosing your tummies to the world…making mommas go squee…and taking all our attention away from us. Sigh…add a sun patch to the mix and it’s all over.

  2. Gemini, we look alike from upside down! My mom just wants to snorgle your floofy belly! I’m also very finicky with my food and I refuse to eat anything else, so mom buys me what I like!

  3. Look at you in all your rolly polly cuteness!

  4. Sometimes lookin’ at things up-side-down is a good thing to do. Looking at the world from a different purr-spective expands the kitty mind?

  5. You do look very cute rolling around on your back. I know what you mean by wanting to eat tasty food instead of healthy food, but the healthy food will help you live longer.

  6. Oh, what a great pic! That paw looks quite powerful.

  7. Such a sweet photo!

  8. Love this cute photo!!
    Our mom makes us eat the good for you food too. We fought it at first, but we actually like it now. Just don’t tell her that!

  9. Oh Gemini, it’s a girlcat’s perrogative to eat what she wants! The lady with the yellow hair feeds us healthy food too…but you know what?? It tastes pretty good!

    You are looking furry cute there!


  10. moms. what do they even know huh? HUH? tasty food is good food. We get some kind of healthy for indoor cats thing. It’s alright. We manage. i think she’s really trying to kill us.

  11. Rolling around in the sun is the bestest. We are finicky eaters too. We will only eat Gourmet Pearl or mouse. We have prescription crunchies in the mornings which we like though.

  12. We are a bit finicky too. Sometimes we like gourmet pearl ~ the we go off it. Then we like Gourmet mousse, then we go off it ~ etc. Tee hee.

  13. junk foods always taste better then the healthy stuff!

  14. I am a big fan of all types of food- healthy or not is really quite irrelevant to me. But I’m sure your human knows best! BTW you look quite comfy in that pose!

  15. Gemini, the tasty stuff is like a Big Mac: it tastes delicious but it is not nutritious!

  16. I know what you mean about the good good food. Sometimes the cheap bad stuff tastes so much better. That’s a very cute photo of you.

  17. Most humans prefer food that isn’t good for them, so I can’t see why they’d expect us kittehs to be any different.

  18. I do not like like health food eiffur Miss Gemini.
    Just give me a cheeseburger and fries!
    But Momma says I am her muscle cat because I am so trim. Even the Vet asks us each time if I am the cat that is naturally thin. Momma has food for me anytime I ask, but food is not impawtant to me. I prefer to fly around the house on turbo jets.

    your boyfriendcat

  19. Hey Gemini. we’re finicky eeters too. that ole healf fud no tastes gud.

  20. Well your majesty, if you want those jealous cats to stop making snide remarks about wide-angled lenses, this healthy food business may help. On the other paw, now that you are retired, you should be able to eat what you want…

  21. Well, at leest we know that food won’t go to waste in yer howsehold, whut with the Simeeze steemshovel arownd!

  22. Chey – you naughty pusscat. FAZ

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