Tabby Tuesday

IMG_7116aI am washing my toes all clean!   The other day I was lying in the sun washing my toes and my face and Momma took lots of photos of me giving myself a bath.  I was clean any and just washing my toes extra good so I was not worried that she would show any embarrassing shots.

See, this is my pink tongue. You can even see the grainy texture on it.   I am washing the underside of my toe because that always gets the dirtiest. Maybe if Momma cleaned the floor more often it would not be so dirty.

I am looking down so that I can see what I am washing.   I hate to miss spots on my toes.  I have such long furs that there are days when it is hard to see the dirt and I really have to pull at them to make them clean.  I did not have to do that this time.


  1. That’s a wonderful shot! You are doing a great job keeping your toesies clean.

  2. What a good little paw washer you are!

  3. That’s really good toe washing! I never look when I wash my toes, ’cause I can’t tell by looking if they’re clean or not!

    But why do they always want to take our picture while we’re taking a bath?!?

  4. You’re doing a terrific job but I’d keep quiet about dirty floors causing grubby toes just in case it gives the humans the idea that you need a bath. EEK!

  5. You are doing excellent grooming,
    I like to groom as well~! I know how important while we have to groom!

  6. It’s good that you are so hi-jeenic!

  7. It’s very good to keep a clean machine!

  8. We bet you’ve got the cleanest toesies around!

  9. Gemini, you are doing such a good job on your toesies…can you do mine next?? Heehee!


  10. i have to pull my furs to make them clean too gemini. -hansel

  11. I spend LOTS of time cleening mine toes too. But then I haff white feets and pink toes so any dirts wood show up if I don’t keep them cleen.

  12. Hello!!! What cute toesies!!!!

    We have missed visiting with you!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  13. That must be why my toes get dirty sometimes; my Mommie does not enjoy cleaning the floors.

  14. You are clean as a whistle now! What a cute little tongue.

  15. It’s very good hygiene to keep yourself in prime condition like that, Gemini! I love your pink, grainy tongue — it’s so cute and it does a darn good job, too!

  16. You are keeping your toesies very clean with your cute pink tongue.

  17. oooooohhhhh Miss Gemini you always look so booteefull

    your boyfriendcat

  18. Clean paws are a must. Between the toes too!

  19. grate toesies!!

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