Tabby Tuesday

IMG_6064aOh the other day Momma was talking to someone at Comcast who was very uninformed.  She had to tell him her phone number THREE times at different places. He tried to tell her the opposite of the things all the other nice people had told her and she kept arguing with him.   She said after she said lots of things I cannot repeat that this really gets her goat!

I immediately ran to the window to see about a goat!  I did not even know we had a goat.  How long have I lived here and I did not know that Momma had a goat!

I still have not seen the goat.  I would have thought it would be hard to miss but it must either be a little goat or it must blend it very well, just like me.   I hope I get to meet it.  I would hate it if Comcast came and took Momma’s goat.


  1. Uh oh! What if they have her goat and they won’t give it back? What if it’s been kid-napped!

  2. I do not know Comcast, but it sounds like an eedjut. I don’t think it could get your goat, even if you had one (which I don’t think you do, which is a pity, coz they’s cute, even though they can butt you ar$e to hell and back) coz it is obviously too stupid! So do not worry pretty Gemini, just stuff your’m paws into your ears when your Momma says Those Words! Srsly! :)xxx

  3. Perhaps your Mom got annoyed enough that when you weren’t looking she took that goat and shoved it–


    I have been informed that was a rude thought and to discontinue expressing it. But I bet you’ll find the goat in a bent-over Comcast employee’s buttockal region…

  4. We think the said Goats are invisible ‘cos our Mom often says that too ~ and we searched and searched and there was no Goat to be found!

  5. We have the same goat – but I have never seen ours either!

  6. We’ve never seen our goat either….weird!

  7. We think Comcast musta took our goat too…

  8. Mom spent hours on the phone with AT&T the other day, trying to straighten out her business bill after having her business lines and DSL moved to our house. HOURS!

    Mom had a glass of wine a little bit earlier than usual yesterday afternoon… Because right after that she had to call Dish Network to cancel that because we got DirecTV. ::sigh::

  9. Gemini, our Daddy had problems with the goobers at Dish Network, but that was at the lake so we didn’t get to look for a goat … sighs! He at least canceled them and got DirecTV instead, and so far they aren’t goobers … hee hee!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  10. They need to bring the goat back right away. That’s just not right.

  11. Returning a comment to Chey: If the “press would be all over you” (as one of the “nude” calendar cats, that is)… then my dear, at least you would
    be covered up!

  12. Our ISP keeps giving us pwobwems too which made me and That Thing unable to bwog for such a wong time! I’m intewested in your goat though! Tell us when you sight the goat!

  13. Well, it sounds like someone got your mom’s goat!

  14. Our Meowm wishes the goat would eat up Comcast and make it go away! She h as an intense dislike for Comcast and will not use them anymore.

    We hope you get to see your goat soon!

  15. Gemini, it’s a good thing that you’re very beautiful 😛

  16. We think The Big Thing talks ta the same person at Comcast as yer Mom! He seems very frustrated after too…

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