Tabby Tuesday

IMG_6936aI am still in my window. It is cooling down a little bit.   I am happy about that.  Momma is keeping the windows open longer and I can smell the outside more!

Today there were a couple of little birds down in the garden and I was watching them very carefully.   I think I could have gotten them but Momma wouldn’t let me outside. In fact, she even came by and petted me and scared them off.

Momma is not very nice sometimes.   On Sunday though she gave me a little bit of salmon.  I liked that a lot.

She asked me to let everyone know, she did not jump out of a plane. It was a tandem sky dive, so she was strapped to another person and she just had to dangle her legs out the plane and he did the jumping!  She said the plane would still be circling if they had to wait for her to jump!


  1. Ha ha! My mom is laughing…she wouldn’t jump herself either! Sorry your mom scared off the birdies. Our mom scared off a squirrel the other day and we’re still not too happy about it.

  2. Your mom did WHAT?

  3. I don’t think the Woman would exit a plane at all unless it was on the ground and the engines off. Yours has guts!

  4. Gemini that is to bad your Mom chased off the Birdies!! We bet you could have caught one! As for jumping out of a plane…scary!!
    Your FL furiends,

  5. We are glad it is getting a bit cooler for you. We hope that trend continues. It was 104 today when Mom left work at 2:00 pm. We hope some ofyour cooling comes our way.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  6. Maybe your mom has a special connection to birdies now she was up in their element? They’ll surely come back and then…

  7. I am glad that the weather has cooled off a bit and you can have open windows again. It’s too bad that your Mom scared off the birdies. I don’t think I could do that actual jumping out of a plane thing, either.

  8. We’re happy it’s getting a little cooler, Gemini…but your mom shouldn’t have scared the birdies away…you were watching them afterall!

    Our mom says she couldn’t jump out of a plane even if she was strapped to someone else…our dad has done this though…twice!!

  9. Salmon….nom nom nom!

  10. hoomans are crazy. yoo no see kitties in tha air. we’re glad yur windows coolin down sum and yoo gotted sum salmon. owr beans feed tha birdies owtside owr window fur us ta watch them.

  11. I hope having the salmon made up a little for her scaring off the birdie.

  12. Salmon is yummy! We think your Mom shouldn’t have scared the birdie off if it was entertaining you.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  13. It’s been too hot to open windows…:(

  14. Hey, I got salmon at my house too! Nommy.

  15. We’re glad that it’s cooling off for you. We are supposed to get the hot weather soon. Does your momma think that she is a birdie?

  16. Well we’re still impressed by wot your Momma did even if it was a tandem jump!

  17. It still counts as jumping! Definitely.

  18. Well at least she was brave enough to do it tandem. Our Mom wouldn’t even do that!

  19. Umm… still left a perfectly good plane.

  20. you would nefur find our mommy jumping out of a plane – but way to go to your mom!

  21. Yer mom did what the big male bean had done a few years back. He wants to go again but the mom said she wud be ascared if he did.

    We is all sure yoo wud has gotten dems birds! Oooo real live fevvers wud be great!!

  22. What a great picture!!! Your mommy is very brave!

  23. my mom scares off the birds too. What is up with that?

    It is freeeeeezing here. We have a/c. I need a sweater!

    You look so very absolutely lovely today <3

  24. Tandem or not, our mum says they would have to drag her screaming out of the door. That was not fair that she scared the fev-vers away.

  25. oh no! your mommy does what my mommy does sometimes too. scares the birdies away! no fun. i am glad it is getting cooler for you. i wish mommy would leave the windows here but she says it is too hot for baby Joel.

    sigh. it is all about baby Joel this and baby Joel that. i am glad that i’m being fed, petted and played with or i’d be really put out about the whole missed nap thing…

  26. It’s good to have birds to look at Gemini 🙂
    Moms are just mean when it comes to letting us out!
    They think we will come to harm,blah,blah,blah!!!!!!!
    We liked the 7 things about your Mom!! Our Mom would still be sitting in the plane too,heeheehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  27. You look like you are thinking big thoughts. Very nice photo. Purrs.

  28. Life by the window is only surpassed by being outside 🙂

  29. Boy, you’re lucky. We hit 100 today and I can’t even remember what the real air smells like!

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