No Meezer On Monday

P1010070The Woman has been tagged several times to do this meme… (let me know if you were one of the cats who tagged me and I’ll link to you here) And here we go:

Either (1) post 7 facts about yourself AND photos OR (2) post 10 facts about yourself with no photos, OR (3) post a childhood picture of yourself.

She has posted a photo of herself and that means she must come up with 7 facts about herself.

1. She was born in Milwaukee, WI but only lived there for four months before her family moved to Alabama. This was because her father got a job there.

2. She has been sky diving once.

3. She has worked a lot of jobs before becoming an acupuncturist and these include being a veterinary receptionist for nearly 10 years, a library paraprofessional and a cemetery administrator.

4. She has traveled all over South America, including to Easter Island, which she loved (except for the cockroach that she found her in room in the middle of the night.

5. She has always written stories. She laughed when she was getting frustrated with the book she is trying to right about our cultural perceptions of health and sickness when out of the blue and old old friend emailed her via facebook to say how she remembered and loved the stories she wrote.

6. The Woman has become involved in the local food movement and also the Westin A. Price Foundation. Eating lots of saturated fats in the form of good pastured butter, whole raw milk, meats and coconut oil she has lost about 10 pounds and hopes to keep doing that. This means she has become a fan of Kashim and Othello’s mom’s food blog because fermented foods like sourdough breads with sprouted grain or spelt are also recommended.

7. Although she is a klutz and terrified of heights, she loves to ski.


  1. Skydiving when you are afraid of heights???? My, oh my!!!!

  2. Skiing and skydiving while afraid of heights is quite an accomplishment. I found the facts about your Mom very interesting. I like the photo, too.

  3. Easter Island?! Has yer momma met da Easter Bunny?!

  4. You are a paradox! Afraid of heights, but loves to ski and has gone sky diving.

  5. What a dichotomy; heights versus parachuting! Is she brave or foolish? LOL!

  6. Nice to meet your lovely bean!
    Thanks for sharing the facts of her!

  7. So awesome to learn about your Woman! Her travels sound very adventurous!
    Our mom is a huge klutz and scared of heights, she’s never been up in a plane before.

  8. Thanks for telling us all those cool things about the Woman, Chey! We agree with the others…hard to believe she would jump out of a plane if she was afraid of heights! Our mom sez she’ll never jump out of a plane…not by her choice, at least! And we like the idea of eating fats to get thin (haha! we know it’s not a simple as that!)

  9. Your mama sure has worked lots of different jobs and travelled many places! She also seems to have conviction about what is important to her. Your mama is a very interesting lady, and it’s nice to get to know her a little bit better.

  10. We all think it’s cool that even though you are terrified of heights, you still tried skydiving. My mom says she will never try that…or bungee jumping.

    We love this meme.

  11. Oh I like this. Your mom is super cool!
    What great adventures she has had!

    I love learning about all of the different bean slaves here in bloggieland

  12. Your mum was very brave to sky dive. Our mum doesn’t like heights either. When she is on cruise ships, she will look out over from the top on the sea side, but if she tries to do it on the dockside, her heart sinks to her feet and her legs turn to jelly.

  13. Yikes! Mom would never, ever jump out of a perfectly good airplane! Your Mom is very brave. Or a little bit coo-coo! 😀

  14. I think my Mommie would be too scairt to jump out of an airplane! It’s good to conquer your fears.

  15. Thanks for sharing … I really enjoy learning about cat’s people.

  16. Wow, your mom is an interesting woman. We’d recommend keeping her. She might take you skiing, Chey, and hopefully you wouldn’t get lost.

  17. WHAT…NO MEEZER???? Oh, your mommy is very interesting! She has done some fascinating stuff! We enjoyed reading about her very much. She is pretty too! 🙂

    Love, uSSSSS

  18. The Woman leads an interesting life. She’s cute looking too. But not as cute as you of course Chey. No fur people can’t compete with furry cat people. We make our own bread with lots of oats. It’s much nicer than store bought bread.

  19. The Woman sounds like a very interesting person! Our human has just discovered the Weston Price Foundation and has been reading a lot on the website.

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