Mobs Descend Upon Cheysuli

IMG_7066aAngry mobs descended upon Cheysuli the other day as she lay sunning herself.   The mobs had been told by grassroots organizations, paid for by anti cat groups, that Cheysuli was planning to take over the world.

Cheysuli immediately saw them coming and went running for her home.  She barricaded herself inside and called the police.   Several people within the group were found to have had weapons.

“We don’t want that cat on the lawn,” stated one.  “Having her out there could mean the government would take over my medicare!”

“I can’t believe they let her out like that!  She is such a socialist cat. I heard she wasn’t even born in the United States.”

“That cat is a fascist socialist,” said another.  “She’s the worst kind of Nazi Communist.”

While Cheysuli was observed in her window, accompanied by body guards who were called back from her failed presidential run, she had only this to say,

“I really can’t address their concerns.  To do so would give credence to the utterly absurd.”


  1. But um, aren’t yoo plannin to take ofur tha werld? MOL!

  2. Well said, Chey. Whatever it was you said.

  3. OHMIGOSH! You look like ME!

    Trixie has killed a HONKING great big spider. I reckon she scared it to death when she walked into the room. I’m scared of them. Purrs from Pye.

  4. Well, since it’s true, you are planning on taking over the world…and, uh I thought we are all in on the plan to help you do that.

    So the question is…who leaked it? Was it the male?

  5. You are one cool cat who can handle all the pressures of world affairs.

  6. You tell them, Chey! The cheek!

  7. Yer welcome ta come hide in our house an fenced backyard. A little escape from those nasty paparazi might be good fer ya…

  8. Shocking behaviour! You might throw them that little bobcat, or you could come over here and seek sanctuary, Chey.

  9. Tell ’em Chey, ‘cos they are introoders!

  10. oh chey, those silly fools. you don’t want to conquer the world …. just teach people how it’s done, right? more like…. an advisor. 😉

  11. How’d they find out you want to take over the world, Chey??

  12. Good for you Cheysuli! Stand up for yourself (er, you’re lying down at the moment). Some people are just so paranoid!

  13. I’m on my way with Tony. We will take care of these crowds. Don’t worry.

    Samuel Alfonse Meezer

  14. Gosh, Chey! We will defend you tooth and claw!

    Moe and Carmela

  15. That was an action packed day if we ever heard of one?

  16. Very wise, as always, Chey. It is best to cut bait when dealing with a mob mentality.

  17. I guess we are going to have to put up an electric fence to keep the vultures away from you!

  18. Aaaahhhhh! So the rumors of the “death panels” are true?!?!?

  19. Ooo, Chey, that was a close one! I don’t unnerstand all the fuss. Cats rule the world anyways, don’t they?

  20. I find that a little tinkle goes a long way with an unruly crowd

  21. Whoa, dose introodeers am danjaroos! Yuo can tellyport heer to Inglund and hied wiv us till them’s luses intirist iffen yuo liek!

    Luffs, Alfie and Simba 🙂 xxx

  22. So it got out then? Who leaked that you plan to rule the world?

  23. Go, Cheysuli! You tell ’em. And Momma is hear-hearing your comments about the utterly absurd. There’s some superkooky people out there.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  24. But….you do pwan to take over the world don’t you Chey?
    Pwease do, because I’m so wooking forward to the day we, most amazing, wonderful, genius of all animals wule the world!

  25. Chey, we hoped you turned yer back on da angry mob – from the safety of your window and bodyguards, of course. Don’t let them stop you from your important mission. Taking over the world sounds like a good plan to us.

  26. Thank you for being an intelligent voice in a sea of ignorant, blind, utterly brain dead, incompetent people. 🙂


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