Meezer Monday

IMG_7140aIt’s about time she took some more photos of me!  I was feeling quite neglected. I think that no meezer should ever be neglected the way I am.

In lighter news, the other night the Woman went feeling around for the lamp in the dark.  She squirted herself with the squirt bottle accidentally.  That’s what she gets for trying to scare me off when I’m licking plastic at night! HA. 

A satisfying weekend, if I do say so myself.


  1. I’m glad you had a great weekend! It’s GOOD to see your picture on your blog.

  2. u have such a cute face 🙂

  3. I see great eyesight of yours, Chey!

  4. It’s great to see a new picture of you, Chey. I bet you laughed yourself silly when your Mom squirted herself.

  5. We’re laffin and laffin at the squirt bottle. Our Mom tries that trick too.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. MOL!! That is too funny!

    Love the new pic of you!

  7. You’re looking good Chey! And we’re still trying to figure out how the woman managed to squirt herself…not that we don’t think she deserved it! Heehee!

  8. You look lovely in that picture Chey! Thanks for your birthday wishes! Be sure to stop back by…my pawty is in full swing now!

  9. That squirt bottle trick? Chey-1; Mom-0

    It is your blog afterall and we should be able to see you, but I know how it is with siblings taking over all the time.

  10. oh oh oh CheysMom, we is sorry that our the mom is laffing. that’s just WRONG.

  11. Nights can be very dangerous, lol ! I use to stumble over a cat when I get up during nights

  12. She squirted herself with the squirt bottle? bwahahahaha! Too bad she didn’t get a photo of that!

  13. hehehehehe. That sounds just like something our Jan would do. Humans!

  14. G, G and Whitey–I appears that Askimet was eating your comments. I hope now that I unspammed them all (many of them) that were there it will now allow you to comment… I think you should try and comment again tomorrow and see if that works. If not send another message and I’ll keep digging them out until it learns you are not spam.

  15. Talk about Karma! Hahaha!

  16. The squirt bottle incident was funny and made us larf (we suspect your bean didn’t larf though!!!)

  17. We had to laff and laff over the squirt bottle!

    Hellooooooo to my booteeful gorjuss Miss Gemini!

    yur boyfriendcat

  18. We wish our Meowm would squirt herself!!!!!

  19. ooh, you like licking plastic too? I will eat just about anything!

  20. Oh my reading the comments here I see I am not alone in my bag licking fetish. Well, I do not spend much time licking now (too tiring) but back in the day, I never left a bag unlicked.

    Chey you are gorgeous and your mom deserves the squirt for looking for you

    purrrs dear

  21. Hahahaha! She squirted herself! Hahahaha!

  22. She squirted herself? Excellent! But where’s the video?

  23. Harharhar!!! Good one, Chey! Sometimes, justice happens! But then she did take a lovely picture of you and post it … so maybe she gets a point or two for that, eh?

    One of the kitties-who-came-before had a major obsession with licking and chewing plastic bags … the human tried to hide the bags from him, but he could open cabinets and doors! I wish I could have known him so he could have passed some tips on to me (although I am pretty good at opening cabinets).

  24. Definitely, more pictures of you.

  25. Oh, that is a lovely picture of you today, Chey! Did you laugh when your human squirted herself… I guess that is a silly question! I laughed when I read about it!

    Thanks so much for my Happy Birthday wishes today! Right now I’m looking forward to some special treats that my Big Janitor Dad brought home for me. Yes, I am sharing with Willow too – you know how it is with sister-cats!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrrrs, China Cat

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