Meezer Monday

IMG_7060aMeezer Monday again.  I had the most horrible Friday. In the middle of the day, the Woman scooped up Gemini and I and TOSSED us into our carriers.  Then she bluntly slammed the carriers around, knocking us into walls and doors and then THREW us into the car.

She drove through the Starbucks but decided the line was too long so didn’t wait.  She then drove for HOURS, perhaps DAYS to get to the vet.  There she found another Starbucks because we were EARLY by DAYS or perhaps WEEKS.  At any rate, we waited patiently while she took her sweet time drinking her chai.  Then we were kicked around some more and knocked into some more walls before she went into the vet.   She thought there would be paperwork to fill out but they do only a little bit for return patients.  So we then waited for several more DAYS or perhaps WEEKS, possibly even MONTHS before we were put into a room.

Then in the room we waited for several YEARS I am sure.   Then the vet came in.  She looked at Gemini and thought she looked quite healthy.   Then she felt around me.  She felt that my belly was quite strong and muscular and solid and that she wasn’t worried about my weight.

Then we were banged about again and taken home.  Then there was a Woman cleaning there with the loud sucking machine and stuff and we had to go and run and hide while she spent the next several DAYS cleaning.

No wonder I am exhausted. I have lived a lifetime on Friday…


  1. Gee Chey…this is the very reason I have the ASPCA on speed dial on my phone. The last time we were brutally stuffed in our carriers, we hollered so loud that you’d think the police would hear…but no! That’s why I programmed the phone so the next time it happens I can call immediately. Grete woofie was taken to the v-e-t on Saturday, but woofies are so stupid…I mean agreeable, that even if they don’t like it, they’d never say anything.

    Sleep well my friend. You certainly deserve it!

    Pee Ess…hopefully the press will lay off the D-I-E-T rumors now.

  2. Poor babies! I agree, that was awful. I’m so glad you are both healthy!

  3. Oh my good Bast, that all sounds horrible, specially as you also got lost again Chey! I guess the only rest you had was snoozing near that round barn! But what good news that you’re both healthy and that your fat big tummy is all muscle Chey! :)xxx

  4. Dang. As long as you waited I should be dead by now. And she didn’t need to take you there, I coulda told her you lo0ok just fine. I woulda done that for FREE

  5. Wow Chey – what a craptastic Friday! At least you didn’t hear the D word!

  6. That is just how Gandalf felt about the MILLENNIA he was forced to spend at the Emergency Vet’s one night, Chey!

  7. Oh man, what a horrible Friday! So glad that is over for you! Hope you got lots of good rest after all that!

  8. The only thing good about that whole terrible experience, Chey?? The v-e-t wasn’t worried about your weight!

  9. I’m sure it seems that long to kitties when they’re away from home! LOL! The good news is that the vet doesn’t think you need to go on a diet, Chey! Yippee!

  10. Well, on the bright side, no talk of a diet…

  11. Oh what an absolute nightmare, all of that horridly frightening activity just to be groped and fondled by a vet and then sent home. Horrid!

  12. At least da V-E-T don’t fink yoo is fat.

  13. Oh, Chey, what a horror you have been through! And too bad it lasted almost an eternity! But I am glad you finally laid to rest all those rumors about your weight; it seems you are in fine form after all!

  14. Jan kept us up until 4 a.m. this morning so we’re tired. But after reading your horrendously long trials for Friday or maybe the next few months, we decided we’re not tired after all.

  15. Oh we is sorry that you had to go through all that trauma! At least you got treats, right???

  16. You poor dears… the nerve of that woman to put her starbucks chai in front of your comfort…and then to take days to drive to the v-e-t. Come over here- we have plenty of ham, tequila and tonight’s movie at the Cinema Calamari is That Darn Cat…


  17. What a hard day! We hope you get plenty of naps and treats now =^_^=

  18. Pee in her shoes! That will teach her to take such very good care of you two.

  19. You poor, poor kitties! At least you both got a clean bill of health and hopefully would not have to endure another trip like this for a long time. Now, for compensation, some treats are in order.

  20. ugh that sownds horrible. were glad yoo surfifed.

  21. What an absolutely horrid day you and Gemini had!!!
    Thank goodness that you were healthy,considering the ginormous
    amount of time it took and coming home to that evil machine!!!!!
    We hope there is plenty of ham in there somewhere to help you over this ordeal!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  22. Poor thing having to spend DECADES, maybe even a CENTURY, going to the VET. Glad you are OK.

  23. That, my friend, is a big bowl of wrong.

  24. That is just wrong Chey! Why would you be forced to suffer so? Did you properly pay your human back for her selfishness?

  25. How horrible for you!!! She really is unkind isn’t she, making you suffer for YEARS like that. Sheesh, at least the vet said you are just as lovely as I know you are. I miss you Chey, I am fighting for blog time but the other two are just such loud mouths!

  26. It’s obviuss that the vet was feeling u up cuz the vet was BLIND and obviussly coodn’t see yer rolls of blubber.

  27. Trips to the v-e t are always horrible!!!!! We are so glad you survived it and are nice and muscular!

  28. Oh Chey, such horrible treatment. And I bet you & Georgia didn’t even get a treat afterwards!

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