Find Chey Friday


Ah look at the view!  I love being in a high place!  I love the view!  Ah yes, this is wonderful.  Okay, now where am I?  Oh dear….

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  1. Oh, a pagoda! Not China, surely!

  2. Well they have got one in Alton Towers, Staffordshire England, but mum said it is so long since she has been there that she can’t remember if it looks exactly like that. It is set in trees like that so we will go with that. Just be careful because it’s a heck of a way down.

  3. Well, it’s a pagoda and it seems to be leaning a bit. I feel a bit silly, so I’ll just make something up. The Leaning Tower of Bangkok?

  4. Mum has just checked her old non digital photos and the pagoda at Alton Towers looks nothing like that so forget our earlier answer. You know what that means don’t you. Yup, as usual we haven’t got a clue.

  5. Thanks for making the photo embiggen-able, Chey. Unfortunately, it didn’t help a bit this time. At least every window has a great view, wherever you are.

  6. I don’t know where you are, but I would love to be there too! What a great view you must have!

  7. Where ever you are it looks pretty cool! Be careful up there though!

  8. I think we are in trouble…mom had to biggify the picture to even find you in the pagoda!!!

    We’ll take a wild guess and says it’s in the Japanese Botanical Garden of someplace your mom visited….Chicago?

  9. I think you have an excellent hiding place. Looks like fun. I’d like to go where no one (read: humans) can find me!

  10. Oh this is a hard one! (Like they all aren’t for us???) We don’t have a clue!

  11. WOWZA! And we think that goin’ on the third floor of our house is high!?

  12. Dunno.

  13. Are you in Japan somewhere? Or just in a Japanese garden?

  14. The Pagoda in Kew Gardens in the UK.

  15. We don’t know where you are, we almost could not see you!
    Did you climb or jump up there?
    ~ The Bunch

  16. Maybe you are in Hong Kong?

  17. As usual we are clueless….but it looks like fun.

  18. Derby you are on a roll!

  19. I dunno but DON’T JUMP! I don’t think you’d land on your pretty little feet from there. Or if you did, it would leave a giant ouchie…

  20. Congratulations, Derby!

  21. We dun know but dun jump acuz thats way far high up!

  22. Well we fink Derby got da anzwer!

    Hellooooooooooooo booteefull Miss Gemini!
    Hey when r yoo gonna be on a FIND Gemini Friday?

    yur boyfriendcat,

  23. Thank you, thank you very much!

  24. once again we are stumped…..and we are still crying over here in boston… it is too hard to see through the tears.

  25. We are embarassed now. It’s in England and we didn’t know, and what’s worse is that mum has been to Kew lots of times so she should be more embarassed than us.

  26. Derby is so smart!! Way to go!

  27. Disneyland?!?!?!?!

  28. What a “kewl” pagoda!

  29. ConCATs to Derby!

  30. Asia, Yer in Asia, Did we mention Asia? Beyond that, we got no clue. We are better wif waterfalls and such…

  31. Congrats to Derby. Our beans have seen the pagoda in Kew Gardens, but it was a long time ago and they didn’t recognize it at all. They were no help to us at all!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  32. Thats really realllly high!

  33. ConCATS Derby! Like Eric and Flynn, I’m embarrassed. I didn’t even know there was a pagoda in Kew Gardens, doh!!! I don’t think I get out enough… :)xxx

  34. I see you!!!! You make it all the filled with splendor!

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