Find Chey Friday


I love cows. They remind me that Mao is wrong and I am not fat. Look at how delicate I am compared to this little cow!

Now if only I could find this cow and my way home on demand!

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  1. Are you going to the Eidelweiss Dinner Cruise on the river in Milwaukee, Wisconsin? (Chey, I think Mao is wrong, too!)

  2. So do I! (Think Mao is wrong that is.) If that was a model moose instead of a cow I’d think you were in Toronto, but as it goes, I ain’t got a clue! :)xxx

  3. I don’t know where you are, but are you doing the “Do Si Do” with that cow? Have you turned into a nursery rhyme? Are you gonna jump over the moon with the cow?
    I crack me up…

  4. Here’s the thing. We now come here with paws crossed hoping that ‘Kaika got here first! It’s one of our favorite things now, akshully! hahahaha!

  5. Edelweiss? Wasn’t that a song from the Sound Of Music? Ah well, my talents must lie in other directions. And really, Chey, you look nothing like a cow. As for being blamed for everything, I guess I can admit (to you) if the shoe fits, I must wear it.


  6. Edelweiss…dinner cruise? We’ll it looks like you are leaving, not going…maybe you decided to pass because the cow reminded you of Tillamook Oregon, land of the cheese, and that made you think of me, and that made you think of Oregon…then Washington…?

    Anyway…it’s kind of like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you always have the power to find your way home. Just click your paws together 3 times…

  7. Well the Edelweiss Dinner cruise is around the corner, so it’s close. I was actually doing some tasting elsewhere with a little help from my friend.

    However, ‘Kaika is the closest so far and I would consider him a winner unless someone tells the shop I came out of where I met my MOO friend.

  8. Cows on the street?? There’s only one place where they’d allow that…the state of Wisconsin! But we don’t know where in the state you are! (Looks like others have already guessed correct though…)

  9. I do not know where you are, but if they let cute little cows roam around on the street, I would like to visit there, too!

  10. Are you in New Jersey somehwere?

  11. Tasting at the Usinger Sausage Company place on Old World Third Stree in Milwaukee?

    Hey diddle diddle,
    The cat and the fiddle,
    The cow jumped over the moon,
    The little dog laughed to see such sport,
    And the dish ran away with the spoon.

  12. Or were you crossing the streeet to get to Mader’s German restaurant?

  13. I do not know where you are either. I tried to cheat and see if the signs in the background could give me a clue…

  14. Hmm. With cows walkin’ around, I would guess Wiskonsin, but I dunno WHERE in Wiskonsin…But then if that’s a cheese cow you might be in CA. It looks happy enough. Supposedly CA cheese cows are very happy. Probably because they know they won’t be turned into hamburgers.

  15. We don’t have a clue, Chey, but the cow is very cute and you are not fat at all!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono, Cookie & Mike

  16. Which one’s the cow?

  17. Gee Chey! We have no idea where you are ,
    but stop playing in the traffic!!!!!!
    Moooooooove out of the way 😉
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  18. My gess is Milwaukee, too. Near the end of W Highland Ave at N Old World 3rd St, on the river.

  19. Neer the Wisconsin Cheeze Mart. Yoo probably ate all the cheese at the cheese mart, didn’t yoo, Chey??

  20. Was that beefore or after yoo win to the Milwaukee sausage mart??? HAHAHAHA I krak myself up.

  21. It pains me to say it, but I was at the Wisconsin cheese mart… sigh. NO I WAS NOT AT THE SAUSAGE MART

  22. The cheese mart … yum!!! (My mom is laughing ’cause she’s thinking about Monty Python’s “Cheese Shop” skit …)

  23. Well, my first thought was that you were in Chicago because I think that they had a cow thing there. My second thought was that I had no idea where you were! My mom is a cheese-a-holic so she was happy that you were near Cheese!

    Purrrrrrrrs, China Cat

  24. are you at Ben & Jerry’s house? I am sure there is a cows come home joke i could use but um well…hmmm as my dear friend Joey from FRIENDS would say it’s a Moo point…we think it is udder nonsense. Not sure where you are…again!

  25. I didn’t have a clue, as usual. I hope you had a good time at the cheese shop. That’s a cute cow.

  26. Dunno again.

  27. We are late getting here but it doesn’t make any difference, we wouldn’t have known anyway.

  28. Me thinks that all that big talk about you being fat from Mao is his way of saying he likes you. A lot. Kind of like little boys pulling little girls pony tails?

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