Find Chey Friday


Wow, what a nice place to snooze.  Humph? Is this a dream or did I go traveling again?  I have no idea. I think I will nap until someone finds me here.   It must be Friday because I am lost again!!!

Who the heck knows where I am today!

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  1. wow, we is ferst and we has NO idea. We thinks you is in Whiskerconscin.

  2. Chey, we are clueless as usual, but can we come join you in your nap? We can be a cozy Meezer Pile foursome!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  3. It kinda looks like a barn that Momma saw when she wuz in Vermont fur wun of her Booty and the Beest convenshuns. But she duzzent fink this is the same wun.

  4. I have no idea…but I’m certain there are mousies lurking in those bushes just waiting to be whapped!

  5. Is it the Round Barn Theatre at Amish Acres in Nappanee, IN?

  6. This is another one we wouldn’t have got. We should send you a photo of one of our fields. At least we would know that one. Huh! mum says we wouldn’t be allowed to guess on that.

  7. You is at a farm!!! Oh…you want to know the exact name, huh?? Well, we don’t know…of course…

  8. No idea where you are,but that barn looks like an ink bottle,heehee
    I see grass!!! Let me know where you are so I can come over and graze!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey

  9. We’re not sure where you are, but it sure is a lovely spot for a nap!

  10. I want to say you are at Ryan’s Round Barn in Kewanee, IL. ( I remember when I lived in Iowa it seemed like every road sign pointed to Kewanee, but Mom and Dad never went there. So they haven’t been to this round barn, but that’s my guess.

  11. Wow! Laila and Minchie! You two are good!!!!

  12. How does everyone figure this out!?!? I was going to guess Old McDonald’s Farm. But I would probably be wrong.

  13. We never know where you are, but if we were there, we would be exploring, not sleeping.

  14. As usual we have no idea where you are. Thank you for purring for Riley.

  15. If that’s Keewannee that’s near where our lady wuz borned. I bet there are reel mousies to chase in there. Whatchoo sleepin for! I’d be huntin’. Oh, and I wanna play with yur sparkly ball. Can I? (I’m awake after my harrowin ordeel at the vet yesterday and I wanna PLAY!!)

  16. I got it! You are NOT in Cincinnati, Ohio. ha ha ha. Tecknically I am right, if only you’d asked us where you are not…

    enjoy your travels Chey. hey, you may be able to find fresh ham on the farm….mmmm hammmm

  17. That is one cool barn! I have no idea where it’s at though.

  18. Chey, wherever you may be, it’s so wonderful to see you again! I’m finally back to blogging after taking care of my very sick mom for 4 months now, and I can’t wait to catch up on all your adventures.


  19. I know that’s a round barn! But did you know that Saturday is National Relaxation Day? It looks like you’re ready for it–and so am I. Purrs!

  20. OK, somekitties already got it. Round Barn Theater…

    But we want to pathetically try ta get a little recognition by adding a link ta the place.

    Further, we will attempt to further our quest for recognition, so we want to thank “Your Majesty”, “almost President of the US”, and “Most perfect Meezer in the Universe” for considering this post for mentioning tamorrow. We will even consider a bribe (details to be werked out later)…

  21. * gosh dagnabit*
    We missed out again…there are some smart beans in the CB!
    Well we all know where you are Chey!

    Helllllllllllllooooo booteefull Miss Gemini
    your boyfriendcat

  22. Oh I know I know, this is a farm! Careful, do not step on a cow pattie

    Love and purrrs Chey I hope you have a marvy week-end with your sister

  23. Chey have you lost all your brains? Why are you laying on what looks like a rock wall, when there is this nice comfy grass lawn to stretch out on? Sheesh.

    Now where are you? Out in left field?

  24. I’m a little late, but I wouldn’t have guess correctly anyway! That is a cool barn.

  25. We are so late that we could pretend we knew… but of course, we didn’t.

  26. Yeah, what G&G said…HaHaHa!

  27. We missed out on identifying it. Well, it’s not like we knew what it was but it’s really cool looking. That would make a great kitty house.

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