Derby: Sunday Guest Star

IMGP9076Well, so many weeks my guest star is either ‘Kaika, Derby, Mao or Skeezix and now once again–it is Derby Sassy Cat!  I wasn’t even near his home either!  He just knew!

The Pagoda in Kew Gardens in the UK.

Indeed.  I wanted to shake things up a bit from  my travels. I decided to wander over to Kew Gardens and see them in high summer.  The pagoda was so interesting I had to stop!  And guess what?  Derby recognized it.   Eric and Flynn were embarrassed that they did not know.  We would have hopped by got give them a hint if no one else had gotten it.

Eric and Flynn said:

We are embarassed now. It’s in England and we didn’t know, and what’s worse is that mum has been to Kew lots of times so she should be more embarassed than us.

Indeed she should have been!  It is always a human’s fault right?

Laila and Minchie said it best,

What a “kewl” pagoda!

I bet it’s even better with me in it, isn’t it?


  1. Yay for Derby!

  2. Well done Derby. He probably saw it when he has taken Greenies to Fat Eric.

  3. Congrats to Derby! We didn’t have a clue!

  4. What a smart cat you are Derby!

  5. whns Mom is in UK – hur gonna visit dis pagoda garden!

    Fanks fur Sharin!

    Katie Too

    (we waz at The Zoo site and saw u liked our Lion Kitty…
    Mom drew dat i 1994 afore I wz borned. Boo Bear Gave hur dat inspurrayshun.)

    Ifns u hafs time,

    plez stops by and help poor Tiger Lily receive Justice.
    Hur little life wz snuffed out fur no reezon.

  6. Congratulations to the obviously well-traveled Derby. We were totally clueless. Everything looks better with you in it, Chey!

  7. Thanks, for letting me be your guest star today. I always try to guess, but this one I actually knew from mum’s pictures when she was there. Heck last week I was guessing and that was near my home!

  8. Good for you Derby!

  9. Congratulations to Derby, he’s a clever cat! :)xxx

  10. Meowee! Derby are you ever good at this game. I stink at it. I alwasy guess, “Disneyland”!

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