Cheysuli needs a Pet Name

IMG_6986bRumors have surfaced that former Presidential Candidate Cheysuli is not very well loved at her home.

While the former candidate is fed and offered watered and has more toys than she knows what to do with as well as two beds, she lacks more than one old scratching post. Her tunnel has been resold due to lack of use. The cubes she would like have not been purchased. She does not even have access to a stroller.

In spite of this hardship, the former candidate soldiers on. She continues with her work, talking to other cats, mobilizing them to work hard against specism.

What’s the saddest part of the story is that although Gemini has many pet names, including Puffalo and the hated Puffalump, as well as Gimlet, Gimmers, Gams, Puff Baby and Muff, Chey has no endearing pet names.

Our candidate has worked tirelessly for each cat. Perhaps some pet names can be suggested? Doesn’t Cheysuli deserve a little love to?


  1. In our house, lack of a “pet” name means that you were very well named. Ginger, Jonesie, Nigel, grete…all of them hardly ever get called anything but their names because mom will say that she got their names “perfect”. That means she screwed up on all the rest of us. I am hardly EVER called by my very own name. How’s that for love?

  2. Well!! Pet names are very cool! Unless your Mom calls you fuzzy butts!! (Sam) We like the name Sweetie! Kinda shows you in a softer light!!
    Your FL furiends,

  3. If you want a pet name, you should have a pet name.

  4. I feel for you, Chey! This neglect must stop, pronte. Pet name? But your are not a pet, you are the one and only Chey!!

  5. Might I sugjest Blubbo??? Or Chunky Chey?

  6. Hmmm, a pet name for Chey…. I guess The Candidate would not approve of light stuff like “fuzzy face” or “tickle tummy” or anything too icky sweet like “angel fuzz” or “squizzle fluff” so how about something respectful like “Your majesty”?

  7. Mmmh, we’re not sure, pet names can be humiliating. And we totally agree with Cory. However, Sweetie, Cutie pie etc. should always be an option.

  8. Suli-Doolie! Ha!

  9. Chey, be careful what you wish for…you might get a pet name that you don’t want! Like mom calls me Skinny Butt sometimes…how embarrassing is that??


  10. You’re right about Aby girls you know… They like mancats! šŸ˜‰ In fact they tend to be very loving and affectionate towards everyone and everykitty too, well everykitty who isn’t a grumpy beast like Tigmut’hep is! šŸ˜‰


  11. How about Chey-Chey? Or Mz. Meezer? šŸ™‚ Actually, we just adore Chey!!!

  12. Chey, we will try to think of a nickname for you … we must put some serious thought into it. Ours are Sammy Hammy and Hambone (Sam), Tinks and Sissy (Sabrina) and Monster Kitty or ****head (Simon). And Maobert, he should cut you some slack … sighs!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  13. I think Chey is a nice nickname. Would you rather be called “muffinpuss”? I am not a muffin!


  14. be careful Chey, you too could end up with a nickname like Poosie.

    However, our mom would prolly nick name you cheyboo or sweet pea.

  15. We often get called the same nicknames. Yours could simply be Meezer.

  16. We think yoo shud have a pet name ~ our recommendations are:


  17. Oh, Chey, we feel for you being so neglected. But we fear after this post your mom will be calling you by pet names — like Babykins. Or is that what you’re hoping for?

  18. I would be happy to share one of my nicknames with you….hmmm, which one…
    I know! How about Monkey Bones Jones?

  19. I sympathize with you, Chey. I’ve been wanting a stroller for the longest time, but my Dad won’t get up off the green papers to buy me one. Cheapskate!!

    My suggestion for a name? Since we all know you were cheated out of the Presidency due to speciesism, may I suggest Madame Prez, a fitting name for one so deserving.


  20. Hmmm…I get called Bug Guy a lot, but the one I like the most is MaxMaxMax. Because that means they truly understand my awesomeness. Maybe CheyCheyChey?

    Buddah gets called Sweetie and Sweetiepie, but that would make me gag.

    Oh no! I know! They should be calling you YOUR MAJESTY!!!

  21. How about Cheymaji, or Majichey? Although I like Parker’s suggestion best! šŸ™‚ xxx

  22. “Her Majesty” is the obvious choice. It’s elegant and regal, just like you, Chey!

  23. What about “Chompurrs”, as in Chey’s chompurrs? Just a thought!

  24. How about
    The Cheyster.

    How about just cutie!!

  25. Hiya Chey… lesseee a nicksname… babie gurl? oh dats mine. ummmm… cheysie gurl… cheyppie poo. u is purrteee.

    here is mom’s msg.

    Here is one way that everyone can help us Katie Katz, no matter where you live.

    When I takes Maxie and Da Special Kitty Unit to KS Humane Society – Please go to their website and let them know you are rooting for them and to please do all they can to find good homes for them!!

    With the new developments at the KSHS – they need all the good publicity they can get to keep their goal to not euthanize any adoptable pets by 2014.

  26. You probably are better off without a nickname. We have got so many we forget what we are really called sometimes.

  27. Be happy you don’t have a nickname. I have lots, including the dreaded Stinky McTuck. Humans are dumb.

  28. Well, since yer a siamese and you travel a lot, how about “Gypsy Meezer” or just “Gypsy”?

  29. You can have my pet name: Mr Poopy!

  30. How abowt the most adorabul presudential candidate EVER!?!? Too long?

  31. Hmmm, Chey, whey, cutie-wootie, meezer-deezer. Cutie-patootie.

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