Cheysuli Continues to Be Hounded by the Press

IMG_7005aFrustrated by press rumors that she snores, Cheysuli has been kicking herself all weekend.

Rumors started shortly after arch nemesis, The Male, woke in the middle of the night and sleepily asked the Woman what was that?  The Woman answered in an intelligible mumble of “Hmm?” 

“That singing,” the Male said.

The Woman leaned up and listened more closely and said, “That’s Cheysuli.”

“That’s Chey?!” The Male said incredulous.  “She’s snoring.”

“Umm” the Woman mumbled.

At that point rumor mills had already started about the former candidate snoring.  Rather than picking up on the lovely sounding concept that Cheysuli SINGS as she sleeps, critics immediately latched on to the fact that she may snore. 

“How could we have a leader or even a wanna be leader who snores?” said one unnamed source.  “After all, if she had been elected and fallen asleep on a foreign dignitary, imagine the scandal!”

“They need to stop imagining things.  Chey is a cat.  She’s EXPECTED to fall asleep on laps,” said one staunch supporter.  It appears that even well after the election, Cheysuli can get no rest from the press.


  1. Face it Chey, once a star always a star…they’ll always be after you.

    Pee Ess…the kitty in the washer is Maxfield. He left for the Bridge in 2004.

  2. I can’t believe you would snore. How do these rumors get started?

  3. Hmmm….there must be have some mistakes in here~

  4. Snoring? Not you…you were singing in your sleep! We’re impressed by how talented you are!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  5. Start scratching in your sleep; it will distract your detractors.

  6. I never picked you for a snorer!!!

  7. Our foster kitten, Sebastian, is quite the snorer! Sounds so funny!

  8. The press will find fault with every little thing you do, Chey…personally, we think snoring is kinda cute!

  9. Unfortunately, once you are in the limelight the purrpurratzi will never leave you be, Chey.

  10. Miles snores too. that’s because he’s fat. we are sure that you sing in your sleep and don’t snore. ’cause you’re not fat or anything like that.

  11. We think yoo sing in your sleep and they are cheeky to say yoo snore!

  12. Chey, even if we kittehs do snore it still sounds like singing! I has that problem myself, too.

  13. Da press is nasty. Wanna go find their pillows n poop on thems? Twice?

  14. Once in the spotlight, you just can’t ever get peace again.

  15. Boy, talk about negativity. I bet it was really the MALE snoring and he is trying to give you a bad name. What do you think? Or, what if you are sick, and having trouble breathing? Do you need to see a doctor. You need a new press agent, Chey. One that will chase all the press away from you. I am available if you want.


  16. We think the press got the facts wrong! You must have been talking in your sleep!

    Moe and Carmela

  17. Yep, I am almost certain it was the male snoring and trying to place the blame on you!

  18. We are about to go kick all the presses booties!

  19. Honestly Chey, will The Male stop at nothing to discredit you?! Perhaps HE should move into another room and leave you in peace.

    My Mom says I snore, but I don’t believe it. We lady cats DO NOT snore!


  20. We think the facts are wrong.

    Check our blog for some free ‘Worlds Best Cat Litter’!
    ~ Malachi

  21. I agree, why is it such a big deal that Cheysuli snores, when so many others do as well, and nobody makes an issue of it? Besides it doesn’t sound like she has an annoying snore, if it sounds like singing! How deliCAT!

  22. haha funny. The press, don’t they have something better to do?

  23. I’m sure the press could better spend their time covering more impawtant issues, like MEAN football players and such. Besides, it’s not snoring, it’s a light whiffle.

  24. Since there is no video, you have plausible deniability. And, of course, eyewitness accounts are semi-reliable at best.

  25. We think the Press should find somethin better ta do then pry into your nappin habits. In fact, we bet LOTS of presidents snored! Well, not Obama, of course, he’s perfect…

  26. Chey
    let me tell yoo dat Abby snores. yoo can here her from one end of da howze to anutter. fur such a small kitty she sure makes a lotta noize! Momma finks its cute!

    helloooooooooo booteefull Miss Gemini!
    yur boyfriendcat

  27. You mean the male can’t tell the difference between singing and snoring? Maybe he should get his ears checked.

  28. The Male thought your ‘snoring’ sounds like singing!!!!
    If that;s the case, tell him to enjoy it and get over it!!!!!!!!
    Silly bean. And who tipped off the press?????
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  29. The Male started it all and he should be ashamed of himself!
    Then having it leaked to the press! Oh the indignity!
    Now at our house, our Male is known to breathe really heavy in & out and when he rolls on his back….HE SNORES! Not even close to singing!
    Scooby, when he is deeply asleep, sings.

  30. Nothing wrong with snoring Chey. I’m proud to snore and the louder the better.

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