Cheysuli Considers Her Poor Performance

IMG_7055aFormer Presidential Candidate Cheysuli has noted a down turn in her web statistics these last few weeks.   

“I am certain it is because of the recession,” the Candidate stated.  “People are busier than ever trying to save money.  Further if they don’t have money they can’t upgrade their computers and thus are not visiting my site as often as they used to.”

Comments have been down all summer but this last month even the daily visits have slacked off.

“Certainly they say that the recession is ending and jobs are coming back but I can’t wait until people have enough time to surf and find my blog while they work,” the Candidate said.


  1. Well, I finally made it back by today. It’s been rough out there in the big world.

  2. Chey my darling, I’ve noticed the exact same thing! I’ve never been a huge blog magnet but Alfie and Simba are disappointed that their cuteness hasn’t attracted more followers… *Sob*… :-(xxx

  3. Just wait until the weather is icky and the daylight fades once again…then the humans will have no other options but to help us kitties visit and blog all day long. How dare they have fun without us…maybe we should organize a strike?

  4. Oh Chey, don’t despair, there is a faithful following. This is a particularly beautiful portrait of you, I must say.

  5. We thinks that the recession is cutting in on everything. Even our ‘nip garden isn’t producin’ like it did last year.

  6. I think it’s the weather. Do not take it personally.

  7. It’s all about the busy…

  8. We’ve also noticed a decline in comments and visits. Beans are so busy these days!

  9. Well, we still visit and we think that’s all that matters…heehee!

  10. Here we are … despite the recession!

  11. Chey, we admit we have been guilty about not commenting as much, but that was Momma’s fault because of her life stuff, and she is trying to be better … hee hee! We absolutely LOVE your picture today, you are just gorgeous!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  12. You look so adorable today, Chey!

  13. oh don’t feel bad Chey, our stats is down too, but our the mom says it’s all about ‘baykshuns or some stupid human thing.

  14. We think stats are down everywhere…….beans, kitties and woofies must be on vacation alot. One would think that would help this economy. Meowm says she is doing her best to help.

  15. Whitey iz here with bells on, Chey! Jingle, Jingle, Jingle!

  16. Well Chey, the same thing has happened to us! I’ve noted especially in the last weeks. I guess maybe people are on vacation or something. Not to worry!

  17. You think you’ve got it bad? I haven’t appeared on our blog in I don’t know how long. Plus, I never ever get to visit my blogging friends because of work and now school too. This is the vacation part of the year or something anyway.

  18. I think everybuddy is busy playing Outside in the sunshines. Here, it is too hot and humid to go Outside!

  19. Mebbe it is also cause it is August. The Big Thing tells us that all the US leaders are on vacation – as if they had earned one – so people arent thinking of former candidates at all!

  20. We visit every day but don’t always comment. Just want to let you know we are keeping an eye on you little girl!

  21. Oh, Chey. This is terrible. Can you function without total adoration from many, many fans? Should we alert the media, get some smelling salts, or …?? Just tell us what we can do to help. We can’t have our ex-presidential candidate languishing.

  22. We are saddened at this evidence of a shocking lack of respect towards Your Majesty.

  23. We think this is just a blip in the summer 😉
    Mom wishes she could visit at work,heehee
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie
    We love to see your face Chey!!!! (Gemini too)

  24. Hey, Chey, just dropping by to let you know our August vacation is going great. We’ll be back blogging and visiting at our normal level after Labor Day!

  25. I like the way yoo artfully use yer paws to cover up yer flab rolls in that pikcher. Vary smart!

  26. Guess lots of people are on vacations. Wish I was on one.

  27. Jen has been working a lot and has had trouble helping me visit as well. I don’t know what at work could possibly be so important…

  28. The beans are probably on vacation.

  29. We agree with everyone about vacations & daylight savings time. People are out & about, not sitting at their computers. I’m sure, come fall, your visitors will be back again.


  30. we are sorry we have not been able to visit many blogs for several months.. the pet human has been working extra and we are still using a very OLD ibook that does not do well with many of the other “fancy” cat blogs with all the music, glitter and stuff on them.

    we still love and adore you chey…..

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