Chey Denies Charges that she needs Wide Angle Lens

IMG_6400aFormer Presidential Candidate Cheysuli denied charges from certain quarters that the reason so many photos of her were older was because a wide angle lens was required to fit her in the frame.

“It is perfectly possible to take a lovely photo of Cheysuli with a regular lens.  If you want a face photo,” stated one photographer.

“I’ve taken many great shots from across the street,” said another.

“I love getting in close with the macro lens.  Her eyes are amazing.  Not fat at all.”

Other photographers agreed.  “I think it’s finding her doing something interesting that’s challenging,” said one photographer who regularly photographs celebrity cats.  “I mean the Pooses for Peace are always partying and having a great time but Cheysuli protects her reputation to the point of being down right boring sometimes.  How many ways can you photograph a cat lying around.  When she does do something she always has her back to us.  Fortunately she’s not like Mao and doesn’t need a wide angle lens for that side.”

“Cheysuli has become a bit like Oprah and doesn’t like photos making her look fat,” said another.  “She screens all photos of her for her blog so it’s difficult to find any good photos of her that make her look like she imagines she looks,” said one photographer who has since been kicked out of the house.


  1. Hey wait a second…now that you mention it, it is like an Oprah cover. Chey we usually just see your face….hmmmm…

  2. LOL; thanks for the giggle that starts a good day!

  3. I think you look great! You could be on the cover of O Magazine.

  4. What an insult, Chey! I would sue. You are NOT fat. Just plain gorgeous!

  5. you looks purrfect Chey!

    Katie Too

  6. Chey, they are becoming obsessed ~ yoo iz not fat ~ yoo iz PURRFECT!

  7. Some of those reporters are just plain rude, Chey. I think you look just fine.

  8. Naaaaaa. No wide angle lens is needed for such a regal Siamese

  9. Um please remember that the camera adds 10 pounds. We always have our pictures retouched and the “fat” airbrushed out! We are sending a ham for this latest travesty. xoxoxoxo

  10. Chey, can’t you have these rude reporters fired or something?

  11. Chey, can’t you have these rude reporters fired, or “something”?

  12. Chey, can’t you have these rude reporters fired, or “something”?

    PS? This is the 3rd time trying to post a comment… where is it going?

  13. We’re gonna start screening our photos before we’ll let them be posted on our blog too!

  14. It’s so unfair the bum rap you get in the press all the time…

  15. I do agree that photos should be flattering … but your vet didn’t say you needed a diet, so I don’t know where this “fat” talk is coming from in the press.

  16. Who is Certain Quarters? Where is his pillow? I fink it needs a poopin.

  17. Just tell ’em that people who need wide angle lenses have small minds?

  18. Chey, I think you look beautiful from every angle!

  19. Chey yoo is purrfect any which way.

  20. It appears the paparazzi has turned on you, Chey. Such a pity since not that long ago you were a star of the media. The press can be so cruel.

  21. Awww, you do not look fat at all! You look beautiful!

  22. You do not need a wide-angle lens Chey dear, the media has just jumped on the bandwagon. I blame Mao! :)xxx

  23. You are beautiful and definitely do not need a wide angle lens and we bet you would look great in one of our designer playhouses. We even have slim models. Check them out at

  24. I am PROWD of my MANLY Boo-tay! MRAO!

  25. You looks purrrrfect to us! =^_^= they ares just jealous to be callings you fat

  26. Oh, Chey, we’ve been gone several days and return to find you’re still under fire. What will they torment you with next.

  27. We are gonna start biting the pawparrazi!

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