Thankful and furry bum Thursday

IMG_7017aAren’ t you thankful you get to see me again? I’m thankful I no longer have to smell that shirt!

I will be very thankful when this heat lets up. It is so hot that the Male went to the dentist instead of going golfing. That’s right. He did something he hates instead of something he really likes because it was just too hot.

Seattle isn’t prepared for this heat! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be a little cooler–only 98. Then on Friday it really cools off–a mere 88 degrees. That is still “unseasonably warm” but at least we won’t swelter.

The Woman knows enough about buns and the way people kept them cool that we got the benefit of her knowledge. While she was out on this hot day she gave us a nice big plastic jug of ice to curl up with. While we appreciate the thought, she is not sure that we took her up on this concept. I’m a cat. We never play with the toys we are given!

Oh and this is my furry bum for Hans!



  2. I hope you could get your comfortable air soon.
    Everyone just have their own standard to the heat, hee hee~

  3. Stay cool, friend. Fist a really yucky winter and now this heat. The PNW has really gotten the extreme weather this year!

  4. Phew .. it does sound hot! Good job you are the coolest cat we know!

  5. I am glad that the weather is cooling off just a little bit for you. An ice bath doesn’t really sound like something a kitty would enjoy, but it was a nice thought from your Mom. I like your furry bum for Hans.

  6. The Dentist? It must have an air conditioned office to make it more appealing than the hot gold course, huh? Whitey knows what it iz like to be HOT and how to cool off, but Whitey iz trying to forget mai former life. So Whitey will just say that I am purring for things to cool off for you, Chey.

  7. The hots are no good, no good at all!

  8. We hope it gets cooler for you, Chey! And thanks for the furry bum shot!

  9. A furry bum shot, fur hans? Hmmmm… i’m sure you meant fur anoffur hans… but me likes it a lot….

  10. We are not enjoying the hots either!

  11. Thanks for the furry bum, Chey šŸ™‚

  12. I am sorry it is so hot there. We have had the coolest summer ever… oh, there was a cooler one in 1800 something but this one is quite cool. Still, the beans run the air conditioner.

    Your furry bum is very beautiful and nicely shaped

  13. Even when it’s hot outside, you are still one of the coolest cats we know. I still think there is something wrong with your male. I mean, would you choose to go to the v-e-t to get a bit of air conditioning? I think not.

    Love the Chey tocks!

  14. we heard about your hots there. we haf had the hots here but not as bad as you – and it’s cool today.

  15. Have you been doing Pilates, Chey? Because your butt is very toned.

  16. We will purr for cooler weather for you!!!

  17. Wow, what a good idea to help keep small furry’s cool!

  18. I have paws crossed that the heat lets up for you. My people whine about it but we have a cold air blowing thingy and they’re not afraid to use it.

    I was going to say something about your awesome buns but I’m not sure that would be respectful and all…

  19. We are still getting rain. It rained nearly all of July and now we hear it is going to rain most of August too.
    Great bum Chey.

  20. Nice furry tock shot. Maybe the Male went to the dentist because the office is air conditioned!

  21. TRy and keep your cool. If it gets too unbearable head over to my place, it’s a sunny, cool day. You have to hurry though – gets cold the moment the sun goes down.

  22. stay cool… you are welcome to stay here at the casino.. we have AC and ham…

  23. We are sorry that you are so hot …. but you sure are handsome being hot! LOL! *purrs*

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