Thankful Thursday

IMG_5908aGemini tells me she would like me to thank everyone for coming by yesterday. I think I might have made a new record on numbers of visits!

We are so thankful to be part of this community and appreciate that most of you seem to enjoy my adventures. I am very thankful.

I’d like to ask another favor. Our pet sitter had her car stolen. The police found it and it is okay, as is everyone at her home. However she is really stressed out. I think she could use some good purrs.


  1. Oh no! That’s terrible what happened to your pet sitter. I’m glad she is okay and she has her car back.

  2. We send purrs and tail wags for your pet sitter.

  3. Not your best angle, Chey. But we will send lots of purrs to yer pet sitter.

  4. You know you can count on us for the purrs! We are working on it now!

  5. OH, yes. I will add my purrs. I’m sure that was very unnverving for her.

  6. We are sorry to hear about your petsitter’s car. We are sending purrs to her.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  7. Purring and sending big and lots of purrs to your sitter!!!
    That sounds not good, big big hugs!

  8. We’re sending purrs to your sitter for sure!

  9. We’re sending your pet sitter some comforting purrs…

  10. We’re sending all the purring from our house to help destress your sitter.

    And congrats on a record number of comments! Gee, you are popular!

  11. We are sending your sitter our most comforting purrs!

  12. I’m purring for your pet sitter!!

  13. We are sending your pet sitter bunches and bunches of purrs, Chey!
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  14. Ooooh, somebuddy needs to whap those nasty car thieves but good! We will purr our most soothing purrs for your car sitter.

  15. um… cat sitter, not car sitter! 😀

  16. We are sending soothing purss. What a horrid thing to happen.

  17. What a horrible thing to have happen…we’re sending some soothing purrs fur her.

  18. We’ll definitely send some purrs her way. It’s so stressful when someone invades your space.

    And I agree about being part of this community. I don’t think it can be said enough. It amazes me every day that this has become what it has. It’s just a testament to what kinds of amazing people are out there and definitely lifts our spirits most days.

  19. I am glad the car was recovered, but it must have been quite a shock for your pet sitter. I am sending comforting purrs for her!

  20. I am a little late to congratulate you on 1000 posts. 1000, wow! I am only up to 400, have to get my typist working harder!

  21. Yikes!!!!!! We are sorry your pet sitter had to deal with that stress!!
    WE are happy she is OK and ww will send her some nice purrs!
    WE are late to wish you CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 1000 posts!!!!!!!! WOW!!
    We look forward to 1000 more 🙂
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  22. We will surely purr for your pet sitter. How awful!

    we is so thankful to haf such wonderful furriends like you and gemini!

  23. Purr, purrr, purrr, prrrrrrrr.

  24. Wow your pet sitter was really lucky to get her car back – and in one piece too! Still, it’s a creepy feeling to have someone steal your stuff. I hope she didn’t lose any keys??? Target is purring on the keyboard for her.

  25. Of course, we’ll purr for her. She’s been through a lot these past couple of days and could use some good, old, kitten tending.

  26. That’s a very stressful thing to have happen, even when you get the car back … we know. Sending many comforting purrs her way.

  27. We are sending our purrs to your pet sitter too.

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