Thankful Thursday

IMG_5821aI am quite thankful to have undeniably lovely paws.  I am also thankful for the fact that my legs are quite thin so I won’t get more comments from Tripper and Mao about looking like a dirigible…

I am thankful that I get fed regularly with healthful food.  I am thankful that the vet has not yet said I am fat.

I am quite thankful for all my dear friends who commented on my post to make me feel better.  Well… maybe not Tripper and Mao or Rocky.

I am quite thankful that the Woman loves me and I am certain that she loves me best.  Maybe.  Except for maybe Gemini.


  1. Well, my first comment was eaten by the blogger beast! I’ll try again. My mom has a “thing” for lovely meezer paws. She hardly lets my momma Ellie alone.

    I’m sorry you couldn’t hear me talk on my video. It certainly won’t be the last time I do it. I need to make sure I can talk directly to my pals and not rely on my mom to help me.

  2. I love your pink pads. Soooo cute. A very good Thankful Thursday post.

  3. Life is good!

  4. Your paws are exquisite, Chey! Thoroughly and completely. Meezer Magnificence, as always.

  5. We’re thankful that you showed us your lovely paw today, Chey!

  6. you do have the most exquisite paws my dear friend. And, i think that your mom should love you best. maybe. except for gemini too.

    And i agree, it’s totally the beans fault for making us chubs.
    (and you are not chubs)

    we should have a chubs contest. Me and my brother would SO totally win.


  7. Maw sez yur little clawsez needz trimming.

    Luf, Us

  8. we loves your pink paw pads. ours is just black and not as cute.

  9. I like your pink paw pad.

  10. Cool, you have paw pads the same sort of colour as mine. Yes, I know it is the best and most attractive of paw colours there is and only the bestest kitties have it! 🙂

    Now seeing as you’re a politically active kitty, pop over and see what good stuff we’re campaigning for… Surprisingly it’s not even for purrsonal gain, just supporting our wild cousins!


  11. Those are wonderful things to be thankful for. We bet your mom loves you more.


  12. Pawsome paws wivout doubt. That’s a great list of things to be thankful about.

  13. We think you have very cute paws. We just went back and read Tripper and Mao’s comments……man talk about rude!

  14. Lovely paws and magnificent claws!!!

  15. That looks like the Paw of Friendship! Chey, your paw pads are a very unique and beautiful color.

  16. You have lovely paw pads and those claws look just right for sticking in Mao and Tripper.

  17. A beautiful paw and a lovely list of thankfulnesses! 🙂 xxx

  18. I dunno. Thoze paw pads look a little bloated to me. Have yoo bin reetaining water lately?

  19. Hey how did yoo get dem paws so darned clean? We can take lessons from yoo cuz owrs are not like dat at all. Mom says we gots dirty paws and leave dirt marks all ofur da counter. We don’t fink yoo would leave any marks on owr counter wif dem so clean like dat. Yoo can come ofur any time an walk on owr counters Mom says.

  20. You’ve got beautiful paws and you are not too fat. Don’t let them make blimp jokes about you, Chey. You look just right to us. In fact, perfection!

  21. We are thankful your blog does not crash our old mac! And we are thankful that you have stunning toes. We also like Solid Gold. Nubi liked it too much and we had to change to Artemis so he would stop inhaling it like cocaine.

    You will have a special place on our float. Thanks so much for all your hard work this past year. you deserve to enjoy life even if it means gaining a few ounces!

  22. Yer pink pawpads look so great wif yer pawfurs!

  23. You do have lovely paws, Cheysuli. I love your pink paw pads. I think you need to show Maobert some more of those claws.

  24. Yes Chey, very lovely toes and claws you have there! They are awesomely beautiful and frightening at the same time.

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