Tabby Tuesday

IMG_6917aMuch as I love my window, it is just too hot to look out today.  It is 8:30 and it is still 87 outside!  That is way way too hot for us. We do not have air conditioning because it hardly ever gets this hot. Usually just one or two days a year.

We are expected to get about four days of this and then it only cools down into the high eighties.   Momma is not happy.   While the downstairs isn’t bad, their bedroom gets really really hot.

I am going to hide downstairs now for a few days because I do not like being that hot!


  1. Yes it is WAY TOO HOT! 100 today, 100+ tomorrow and 105 on Wednesday! This is not ok! We have fur coats! You can come hang out with us…we got air conditioning a couple of years ago.

  2. Good plan to stay downstairs where it is cooler. Drink plenty of water too.

  3. Tell your momma to break down and buy a window air conditioner if nothing else for the bedroom. There is no use in suffering…life is too short. Enjoy your time downstairs!

  4. The heat looks very badly,
    especially to your fur I think.
    I hope you can stay in cool!

  5. The hots are no fun for sure!

  6. Oh, you can’t help it….you just look “HOT”….as in:
    One who is:
    a. gorgeous
    b. pretty
    c. beautiful
    d. cute
    e. attractive

  7. Wow! We can’t believe you’re getting the hots like that! And here in Michigan, it’s been pretty cool all summer…the weather lately has been strange!

  8. Dat iz GROSS wedder. Tell it get cool now pls thanks.

  9. Smart idea to stay down stairs since heat rises!! We sure hope it cools down for you guys very soon!

  10. We have hot here too… and humidity. Mom says it makes her feel a bit sick when it is so hot and humid. she runs from one air conditioned place to the next.
    Me? I love warm and sunny, but it does make my furs kind of curly, haha

    Love and purrs to you my sweet girl

  11. We know how you feel. When Mom left work yesterday (at 4:00) it was 99. We hope you get cooler weather soon.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  12. Stay cool! You are very lucky that it does not get too hot where you live very often. In my house, the A/C seems to be going constantly! And we keep it set at 79!

  13. Oh please please send us some of your hot. We are fed up with the rain and only 60f.

  14. That’s way too hot for Washington! We would send you some A/C, but we need it here!

    Luf, Us

  15. That bites! My mommie hates hot weather. If you need to cool off, you’re welcome to teleport over.

  16. I’ve had on my AC since March!

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