Tabby Tuesday

IMG_6952aMomma, please hurry up. I want to get back to smelling the outside. You know it’s not nice enough to do that around here very often.

And by the way, Momma I do not like the fact that there is a neighbor walking into my house all the time. I do not care that you have him doing work. I want him to be done and not here in the evening when I would like to be eating my dinner.

Uh oh! Is that him?! I shall have to go hide now!


  1. I don’t like strangers in da house neifur. I hiss.

  2. I don’t like strangers in my house either.

  3. You tell her! Is she listening?

  4. I’m so sorry you don’t like strangers. I can’t believe that stranger is disturbing your dinner. How very rude.

    Maybe he’s building you a cat tree?

  5. Do you want me to come over and help you to hiss at, scratch and bite the stranger? Yeah, how do you know that I was a formerly feral kitty?

  6. 3 of us don’t mind strangers, and the other two hide under the bed even when Mom is home. We hope the neighbor is done soon, so you can go back to being undisturbed.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  7. I would hide too. Don’t purrsons know we don’t like introoders.

  8. Oah What is that stranger doing outside?
    I am curious as well!

  9. I’m glad that you are getting some time with open windows. I hope that your intruder finishes up soon, so you can have your dinner undisturbed again. About your question, I can’t keep up at all. I am months behind in returning visits. I read the Cat Blogosphere every day that I blog and add any new kitties I see to my blog list and then read up on any Rainbow Bridge animals to find out all I can about them, so I can write their tributes and limericks. I have such a huge blogroll, so that all the kitties have a chance of getting a limerick written about them. I just pick a blog at random from my blogroll when I am going to write a new limerick, though I haven’t been able to do that very much lately.

  10. We’re not keen on stranger either ~ they should stay away, shouldn’t they? It’s nice you can watch the World froo your window.

  11. Cood yoo tell me the seekrit to gitting yer furs to be so floofy??? Do yoo think ixtenshuns wood help me? Or maybe a perm? Or blow drying?

  12. Gemini, I hope your dinner won’t be late!

  13. when our mommeh waz gone, we hadded a strange bean in our house too. Tesla hid from him an wudna eet unless him lefted da room.

  14. We don’t like visitors at eatin’ time either!

  15. I hate workers around the house, especially noisy workers.

  16. We don’t like it when strangers come. We go and hide.

  17. Gandalf felt the same way this weekend when Uncle Allen’s grandson came over to help Mom with the new flooring in the office. He played Hide and Seek almost all weekend.

  18. Smelling the outside is wonderful ins’t it? We love it!!!!!!

  19. Gemini, I would go hide, too! I run under the bed if I even hear a doorbell. Even if it’s only on TV!

  20. Gemini! You look so cute! We hide when the doorbell rings too….except for Sassy!

  21. Gemini, I don’t like workers in my house either! When they come in, I hide under the covers!


  22. We don’t like strangers either and always run when they come in our house.

  23. I hope that your intruder stays away when you need to be eating your dinner! I’m like Daisy, if I hear the doorbell ring I run and hide under my mom and dad’s bed.

    Purrrrrrrrs, Willow

  24. We dun like beans we dun know either. If dey smell different we so go and hide sum where else!

  25. Gemini, we do not like beans that do loud work in the house either!
    We hope your demands are met too!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  26. We don’t like workers in the house either!
    Hopefully it isn’t for much longer. That looks like a nice window to sit by, anyway.

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