Tabby Tuesday

img_6492aI am in very much trouble.   I have been mewing in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and I am waking up my Daddy.

He does not like that.  He has collected a bunch of foam golf balls to toss at me if I do it again. When I finally wake Momma (and she is good at sleeping through kitty mews unless something is wrong–then she is up RIGHT AWAY) she points the water bottle at me and I run and am quiet the rest of the night.  I do not come see her in the morning.  She does not even squirt water at me.

Momma worries that I miss Georgia and do not know what to do with myself in the middle of the night without her.   In fact, I even sat on Momma this afternoon and I am not much of a lap cat and I most certainly NEVER sit on Momma in the afternoon.  She thinks that I am a little distressed.

I do not know about that, but I was certainly hot over the weekend with the weather here.  I am glad that it is cooler today.


  1. Ah, Gemini, if you teleport over here, you can mew along with Nicky as long and as loud as you like. We know our humans would approve! Pretty sure, anyway…

  2. We ae so sorry you are lonely. 🙂 Hugs from the topcatrules girls.XXXOOOXXX

  3. Teri and the cats of Furrydance says:

    You look very young, so this probably isn’t the reason for your midnight yowling, but older kitties can become hyperthyroid and that can be one of the symptoms…we think you have grown fond of foam balls maybe? If you snuggle with the bipeds, it will be comforting and maybe you won’t miss Georgia as much if you are snuggling instead of prowling…

  4. mamacat & the furrypurries says:


    We are sad for you that you might be missing Georgia in the middle of the night. Maybe some of that Rescue Remedy that Daisy’s been using would help you not be stressed while your folks are trying to sleep. Maybe it would help you to curl up and settle down with your Momma and let your Daddy get some good sleep.

    Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo & Honey

  5. I don’t know Gemini…we love the little foam golf balls so much, that is what my momma Ellie was fishing out from under the stove in her Monday post. If daddy threw those in the middle of the night, we’d just meow more!

    We feel so sad that you miss Georgia so much. It takes time but it will get better day by day.

  6. I am sorry, Cheysuli. I know you are sad. I tagged you in a game over at my blog on my Tuesday’s post. I hope it helps make you feel better. Only play if you are feeling up to it though.

  7. You might well be missing Georgia, Gemini, or do you just want to play with the foam golf balls? You are smart to run from the squirt bottle before you get squirted.

  8. Oh Gemini, we are so sorry you are sad. But you are bound to be missing dear little Bridge Angel Georgia ~ it’s only natural. We’re sure you Mom will haff eliminated you being poorly in anyway, so praps in time you will feel gradually better. Purrs and smooches.

    We get the squirt bottle iffen we are norty too.

    Love Milo and Alfie xx

  9. Gemini, we are sorry you are missing Georgia…it will get easier…in the meantime, why not make the best of it and play with those foam balls???

  10. We agree that the foam golf balls might be lots of fun! *purrs to you*

  11. I think you might be missing Georgia – how about getting Chey to play with you in the middle of the night – THoE is always a good game!

  12. I am a big fan of your posts. This is because I love animals a lot. I have three cats and I think I could not live without them. They are my babies.

  13. oh Gemini, our the mom shur thinks that you is mourning for Georgia. Grampa Norton mourned for ofur a year for The One Who Came Before. He would carry TOWCB’s toys around and put them in a circle and sit in the circle and howl for TOWCB. When Norton finded me (Sammy) in the garden and the mom brought me inside, Norton stopped his mourning immediately.

  14. I’ve read that all animals go through a mourning period when they lose someone that is a member of their pack. I am sure you are going through that stage, Georgia. Hopefully, in time, you will be able to move forward. I am sure Cheysuli will help you through this.

  15. Aw, poor, sweet Gemini. I am sorry you are missing Georgia. Do you have a blanket of Georgia’s smells that you can curl up on and remember her?

  16. Well, purrsonally, if we were missing one of our siblings, we would hope that Meowm would pay extra attention to us. We do think you should just play with those foam balls…..

  17. I think if your dad starts throwing foam golf balls that it will turn into a game, and not a deterrent like the water bottle. So keep mewing in the night and encourage your dad to play.

  18. Maybe your mommy and daddy can spray the bed / bedroom with Feliway? that might help you settle down in the night. probably the foam balls will just make you more upset especially if you are missing Georgia.

    maybe your VET can recommend something like Rescue Remedy (there are a few different kinds). That really helped me when my ear drums were busted and i was upset and in pain. mommy put the drops on the inside of my ears and let it absorb into my skin.

  19. Oh, Gemini, we thinks that you are missing your dear sweet Georgia. We feels so bad for you crying your little eyes out like that. How nice of your daddy to want to play ball with you to help calm you down.


    Thanks for voting for Minchie in the Surfin Safari contest!

  20. Gemini, I am very sorry that you are feeling sad. Do you think some Rescue Remedy might help you feel a little better? It rescued me a little bit.

  21. we’re sorry that your dad doesn’t appreciate your vocalizations in the middle of the night! Sheesh -some beans!
    We’re sorry too if you are lonely. We’ll purr for you,

  22. We are sorry you are missing Georgia. You will always miss her, but the hurt won’t be so bad after a while. We agree with everyone else – play with the foam balls when they are thrown at you and maybe that will help a little bit.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  23. Our Dante meows and meows at 4 or 5 am. He thinks its funny. Me, not so much.

  24. Gemini….we are sorry if you are sad. You can come over and yell here anytime!

  25. You poor girl. Of course you miss Georgia.

    Our suggestion is that if your dad throws foam golf balls at you, you throw them back at him!

  26. Poor Gemini. We know how sad you must feel that Georgia had to leave you. We were the same when our Kitty Yumbum left us.We meowed and looked for her, but luckily we are both very close to each other, and we helped each other through it.

  27. fluffyandbonkers says:

    Aww Gemini you can meow your sorrows away…just not in front of the humans maybe.

  28. hrrrrm, maybe did your momma think that you is talking to sweet Georgia, and you is trying to alert your momma and dadda she has comes to visits, and that Miss Georgia is telling you to look after your momma a cause she feels her loss and sad and you is being good and doing it?
    Just a thought… I know how sometimes we onlys see one side of things :)))
    Mega big warm kind hugs to you all

  29. Now you know why I get put down the basement!

  30. Gemini we are so sad that you are missing Georgia!!! You can come sing at our house anytime!! Purrrrs and hugs from us!!
    Your FL furiends,

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