Sunday Guest Star: The Island Cats

wallyWell this one was harder than I expected.  I had thought that with the buggy everyone would think PA but it wasn’t until afternoon that Cory cat said Lancaster PA.  But the Island Cats got the correct Amish area,

Okay, we got a guess…is that an Amish buggy that the horse is pulling? Maybe Shipshewana, Indiana??

And in fact they came back with an even more specific guess,

Haha! We can’t believe we got it right! We just took a wild guess when we saw the horse and buggy! Se now we just googled restaurants in Shipshewana…it’s the Blue Gate Restaurant!!!!!

Maobert also claims to have know where I was, but I am not certain I trust him…Molly, Shadow and Trooder did guess that it was an Amish horse tour so they were also correct.

Daisy had some words of wisdom about what the horse might be doing outside this restaurant,

What in the world is a horse doing standing outside a restaurant? Waiting for his reservation.

However, I think this particular horse was actually waiting to give tours…

As for those of you who are disappointed you didn’t get here in time–I will be varying the time Find Chey goes up–anywhere from 9 PM PDT (or PST) time on Thursday to 8 AM PDT (PST) on Friday.  I will change the times randomly as far as set to publish!  Good luck folks!


  1. Concats to the Island Cats.

  2. Chey, we are so happy the Island Cats guessed where you were! We stopped by Friday but had NO idea where you were! It is a very pretty place, especially with the horsie. We hope your and Gemini will start hanging around together more often since sweet Georgia has gone to the Bridge, because you two need each other, and we think of your Angel Georgia all of the time.
    Hugs, purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  3. Those Island Cats are so smart….and so are you!

  4. Chey, we are always amazed by your Around the World Adventures, and by amazed we mean stumped!

  5. Our mom has been to Shipshewana…she sez it’s a really neat place with lots of antique shopping and fun stuff to see.

    We’re so thrilled that we guessed right!!!

  6. We were completely without knowledge on this one!!! We are impressed with the Island Cats!!!


  7. Congratulations to the Island Cats!

  8. We are so happy the Island Cats got it right this week! It gives me an excuse to look at Wally’s belly again!! Ha!

  9. Way to go, Island Cats!

  10. Good one, Island Cats. We, as usual, haven’t a clue. Like the new webpage. Thought I got to the wrong site for jsut a second. SS has been slack in helping me visit.

  11. You certainly do get around Chey.

  12. concats ta tha Island kittys.

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