Sunday Guest Star: Maobert

MM20JULYToday’s Sunday guest star was the first cat to make a comment. I guess this was easier than I thought Maobert Snickles guessed where I was,

Shelbyville, Indiana, at the Statue to Charles Major.

I’m sure thare’s a state fair nearby, Chey, ware yoo can lode up on fried twinkies and corndogs.

Alas Mao. I am quite a finicky eater, turning my nose up at almost all human food and eating only my Blue Moon Solid Gold crunchies right now.  The Woman doesn’t know why I have put on weight. I am sure it is all the super nutrition available to me in that food.

Mao elaborated on the statue (lest someone else be honored with him)

It’s offishully called the Balser and the Bears Statue, and it’s on the Public Sqware in Shelbyville.


It depikts a seen from the book “The Bears of Blue River”, written by Charles Major in 1856. I furgot to add that in my hurry to krak sum rood comments abowt yer wate.

What no one knows is that the Male had to go here on his midwest trip because he had to go to Shelbyville because it’s the town next to Springfield where the Simpson’s live… The things the Male does…

At any rate, no Mao, the arm of the statue did not break–I got away.

I woodn’t werry abowt how to git away frum him. Yer so hevvy, yoo’ll probly brake his arm off.

Other cats guessed things like Daniel Boone and Davy Crockett, but it was neither of them.   It is also not Sarah Palin’s husband (as it is not in Alaska).

Sweet Praline offered the most lovely sentiment (which was very much appreciated after all of Mao’s comments)

I don’t know who that grean bean is, but I hope you get away.

Fortunately I did get away from the evil green bean and I am fine now.  And I look great.  Nor did I get covered in silly string!


  1. Yay! I finally said something that was worthwhile to be showcased on Sunday Guest Star. Glad you got away from the green bean!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of information for you to keep track of. You sound like a social secretary. Are you? If you are, you should be paid extra stinky goodness. Just sayin’…

  3. That Sweet Praline is always saying something, well……sweet! tee hee

  4. Thank yoo, Chey fur this grate honor. I’m ashamed of all the rood things I sed abowt yer wate. And I’m not just sayin’ that cuz I was thretened with being grownded if I didn’t stop herrassing yoo.

  5. Concats to Mao. Does this mean he is never going to insult you again?
    LOOK OUT!!! There’s a pig flying towards us!

  6. Chey, we just tagged your Mom to do the Mom meme just so she can prove to yoo that she is NOT boring. OK?

  7. GREAT JOB AND CONGRATS TO MAO!!! Yep, Sweet Praline is aptly named!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  8. Chey, it may have been easy for Maobert, but it wasn’t easy for us! Congrats to Maobert for being so smart!

  9. Maobert is a furry smart kitty. Sweet Praline is very sweet too!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  10. we are glad you got away and it was not sarah palin’s husband!! happy sunday.. you are ot fat so we are sending a french ham to you.

  11. Gee Chey!! We are glad you got away!!
    Being held by the scruff of your neck is never a fun thing!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  12. Did you bite him? ‘Cause you should’ve, since he was holdin’ ya as if ye were a wee kit…which you are NOT! You’re a grown up ladycat…and should be held with dignity.

  13. oh, goodness, you could have been hurt if the arm had broken.

    Thanks for coming by with a ham. We don’t know if a cold slice will help Jan’s finger, but we figure it can do a world of good for our tummies.

  14. Shelbyville, eh? My human is originally from Indiana, and she says they do weird things there sometimes, like put up statues to cat molesters. Go figure.

  15. Oh Hai Chey! You look pretty comfy in your cat-tower! Hope you had a nice weekend! We enjoyed your guest questions and interview!

  16. Maobert is just one smart kitty. We NEVER have any idea so we just give up and enjoy the pictures 🙂

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