Sunday Guest Star: Kaika

209003_1168133493This week I was wandering around looking for patriotic places to go and I fell asleep where Dickens, Garfield, McKinley, JQ Adams, B. Harrison, Harding, Taft, W. Harrison, Grant, Van Buren, Reagan and Bush Jr. all slept… And then I forgot where I was. And guess what! ‘Kaika found me (again!)

The Golden Lamb Inn in Lebanon, Ohio?

I realized that we weren’t friends on Catster and immediately sought to remedy this. After all, if someone is going to keep finding me, we ought to be friends.

Eric and Flynn also knew and so did Parker (we know because Parker is from O hi O) and the Golden Lamb is there. Pixel and Samba also knew where we were. They said,

Kalka got it. the golden Lamb hotel in lebanon Ohio. It is the oldest hotel in ohio Established in 1850. And is suposedlu haunted. Chey be careful of ghosts

I think that Gandalf and Grayson summed this up for a lot of cats (including the Taylor Cats and the Meezers)

We are a day late and a Lamb short, as usual.

But just to say, the reason I went there is that I heard the Male took the Woman to dinner there. He insisted. Of course he went off to find another hotel (?). Apparently he was worried this one wouldn’t have high speed internet. At any rate, they had to eat there because he was a dishwasher there about 35 years ago. He worked there 2 and half summers as a dishwasher and he actually wanted to eat in the dining room, rather than in the kitchen.

I thought the dishes were much cleaner now…

At any rate, because it seems several of our cats don’t get to guess because we usually put our post up between 8 and 10 PDT, we are going to try setting the time frame to post Find Chey at different times. Sometimes we will post 8 to 10 PDT Thursday but others we will make it not post until midnight our time or perhaps as late as 8 AM Friday our time to be more fair to cats around the world. However I think the twitter function will say we posted even though we might not have it up yet. That’s a flaw in our twitter tool.


  1. Congratulations to all of the kitties who guessed where you were. WE think your new plan of Finding you on Friday will be a good one.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  2. I think it’s cool that your Dad was a dishwasher at such an historic hotel. Congratulations to Kaika.

  3. What a cool hotel. I am glad you may put your find chey up later. If mommy didn’t have Friday off we never would have ventured to guess

  4. Dickens, Garfield, McKinley, JQ Adams, B. Harrison, Harding, Taft, W. Harrison, Grant, Van Buren, Reagan and Bush Jr… we had no idea your Male was THAT old! hahaha!

  5. Very interesting and purrsonal background to your puzzle this week! And welcome to Kaika, too! I’m a bit confused, though — who are all the kitties in the picture? Is one of them Kaika?

  6. Wow! What a cool hotel…we bet they have machines that wash the dishes now…

  7. That reminds me to visit my Catster page again and be furriends with more of my blogging furriends. My mom put up our pages and then forgot about them.

    Concats to Kaika, once again!

  8. Congrats.. we knew someone smart would find you. Hope you had a happy holiday.
    zevo & enourage

  9. Hey Chey,

    We always get the answer wrong to you quiz. Partly it’s cos we live in the UK, partly because we’re useless at geography type stuff, and partly becos Mom is even worse at gepgraphy type stuff than us! So we were wondering if …. well it’s just a suggestion … well more a hope really … we were wondering if one Sunday we could be your special “Sunday Guest Stars” on the grounds that we consistently get the wrong answer or don’t know the answers! ‘Cos we don’t think we shud be penalised for not knowing stuff.

    Yours hopefully Milo and Alfie Marshall xx

  10. Hi. Nice to meet you. Very interesting story!

  11. What an adorable picture!

  12. Chey are you admiting your have a flaw? Even if it is only in your tweets?

  13. Thanks for posting my picture, Chey, and for your cool contests and for being my friend on Catster! (I am the tabby boy in the middle. The other two kitties are Miss Kitty — the cow cat — and Midnight — a house panther. They are my spicy vixens!)

  14. Yep, if some kitty is going to keep rescuing you, you better make friends!

  15. That sounds like a cool hotel and I’m very glad to hear it’s dishes are much cleaner these days, heehee! Congrats to ‘Kaika for finding you!

    Love, hugs, headbumpies and purrs, BC, Alfie and Simba 🙂 xxx

  16. … Or even “its dishes…”!

  17. Congratulations to Kaika! I just enjoy seeing all of the places you go. I guess my mom isn’t as well traveled, so we just travel through you.

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