Sunday Guest Star: Parker

DSCF3058Well my good friend Parker and my friend and former running mate, Derby Sassy Cat knew where I was this week! I congratulated Derby in the comments because I completely missed Parker’s comment–although Derby was a bit more exact.

Parker said:

Were you at the Red’s game watching them play? How exciting!

Derby said:

The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. The team you show is the Chicago Cubs but that is NOT Wrigley Field.

Happy Friday.

Indeed–I guess if I really wanted to be found easily I wouldn’t have been in the Cubs area…but how was I supposed to know that? I don’t watch baseball. I leave that to Jeter Harris.

It seems I might have fooled a lot of cats who thought I was at Wrigley Field. However some of those cats who knew where I was even knew who I was sitting with, like Meeko and Kiara:

Dang it!! We’s too late! But…we DO know that that’s Carlos Zambrano sitting up wif the hat on, and Lou Pinella ducking down.
~Meeko & Kiara

It is obvious that Zevo Calamari is not a baseball fan:

um…hmmmm….. donnatella versace’s new blue couture for men fashion show?

I think that the couture could have been done a bit better don’t you? And the models..! Well as the Hotties say:

Well, looks like yoo is stuk in a plase wif a bunch of smelly beans hoo is ignorin yoo. Dat is just not rite.

No it isn’t. So I am off! Who knows where I will end up next week!


  1. Well, at least I got the baseball part correct!

  2. I even knew it was the Cubbies, but I couldn’t tell one ballpark from another. Now if you were at the Tillamook Cheese factory, that would be another story.

  3. We love Parker … but isn’t is diskrimatorry never to haff the losers as a guest star? Just asking, that’s all … only we’re not very good at geography …

  4. Concats to Parker and to Derby.

  5. Congrats to Parker and Derby!! We just knew it was a baseball game…

  6. we would have never guessed THAT! those are smart kitties to know about stadiums.
    by the way you looked stunning waving on that float yesterday..

  7. Congratulations to Parker & Derby!!!

  8. Congrats to pretty Parker and to Derby 🙂
    We loved the comments,especially the Hotties!! heehee

    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  9. W00T!!!!!

  10. We LOVE parker! She’s the greatest! 🙂 everyone did so well!

  11. Go Parker! Go Parker! Go Parker!

  12. Yay for Parker! I just filled in a few details!

  13. Can’t wait to see where you are going next!

  14. Another exciting Chey hunt. You sure do find more places to get lost than Jan does.

  15. These kitties are just too cluey for us!!!

  16. Hi! Thanks so much for the purrs for our Sebastian and Reilly, they are much appreciated! We’ve added you to our blog list so we can stay in touch!

  17. Yay for Parker and Derby! I would never have got the answer in a squillion years! 🙂 xxx

  18. Congratulations, Parker and Derby!

  19. Parker and Derby are so smart!

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