One Thousand Wednesday

IMG_6261a1,000 posts. Do you know how my toes have hurt to get to 1,000 posts? But this post, today’s post is my 1,000 published post. This does not count those posts that I have decided not to run. This doesn’t count the pages I have written. This is the big 1,000 that you all have seen! Who has been there since the first? Who has been here since I started writing?

I have to say many of you are here now. My highest day of visitors was almost 500 uniques, although I normally don’t get near that many people coming by. However, I think 1,000 posts is worth some ham between friends. Especially because the Woman actually remember to celebrate with me. That’s almost as big of a deal as 1,000 posts. She can hardly remember her own anniversary!

My friend Tony insists that everyone has some ham.  Then Jean-luc and I will recall our stories about being Borg.   Perhaps Sammy the Whapinator will even tell some of his stories… you never know.  Come one! Come all. If you don’t come, Tony may come get you.  He knows where you live…


  1. Concatulayshuns. That’s a reel akomplishment. Espeshully considering how fat yer toes are: it must take a long time to tipe the keys rite.

    And heer, pleeze allow me to eet yer serving of ham. I’m doing yoo a fayver. SRSLY.

    Say, Chey, how much did yoo way win yoo ferst started blogging?

  2. whoa concats on tha 1000th post. were only at 610 and strive to get to 1000 at lest.

  3. What a lot of typing you’ve done! Concatulations!

  4. Congratulations! This is a grand celebration. Enjoy your ham; you deserve it!

  5. Hope I’m not to late to say concats on 1000! Wow!!

  6. Hi Chey!

    Congratulations on your 1000th post! It must be quite an effort, but apparently your human is not as lazy as mine is. I am so struggling to get him to let me post again, but he says that he will find some time this weekend to let me have access to the computer.

    Lots of purry love,

  7. 1000! Holy crap…we need a nap…

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