Meezer Monday

IMG_6938aI am feeling a bit miffled lately.  First, I have noticed that Gemini’s tabby Tuesdays get more comments than my days online.  I can’t imagine why when I am ever so much more lovable and witty and funny.

Second, this is about the only photo of me the Woman got to about six photos of Gemini. Okay so my photos were blurry and she couldn’t keep them.  So?  Learn to use your camera better.  DUH.

Third, Gemini was congratulated on Saturday morning for mewing at 5:30 AM.  Yes.  She was. You know why?  The Male was supposed to golf at 6 AM and his alarm didn’t go off for some reason and Gemini woke him up in time to get there.   If I had KNOWN… anything to get rid of the Male.   And she gets praised for it.

Fourth, the Woman says this photo makes me look fat.


  1. Kristen says:

    aww dont be miffed! I love me some Meezer Im cuddling mine now!

  2. Wo, Chey, I’m glad yoo identifide yerself in that foto. I was going nutz trying to figyer owt why yoo stuk a foto of a dirijibul on yer blog.

    Luv Handuls. Yoo gotz em.

  3. Yes, Chey, sometimes life is tough. And unfair. And kind to Gemini but unflattering to you. We know how you feel, but for different reasons.

  4. Thanks Maobert. I feel so much better now…

  5. Oh wow, you are almost as pudgie as me! Well, I am at a real disadvantage. Ayla is longer than I am an as skinny as a snake! So I look fat next to her.

    [Iza, you would look pudgie next to a football! – LC]


  6. Chey, you’re just having a rough time of it lately, aren’t you?

  7. Oh you are NOT fat! Gemini is having a good run, isn’t she?

  8. Michico says she wants to use your tummy as her pillow~~
    I am dragging her away now, don’t be afraid…

  9. You look great to me!

  10. You look fine, just a rear view.

  11. Personally speaking, I think you have a lovely cuddly tummy. The camera angle must be lying about your weight the same as it does to me.

  12. Cheysuli – you are the bestest ~ never doubt that. We think you are wonderful.

  13. We know how you feel, Chey. It seems that Whitey has been stealing all our thunder for months. ::sigh::

  14. Oh chey. Tesla’s been hamming it up for the shots around here lately too. mom said something about ‘she’s the only one who stays still’ pssh. She moves around just as much as i do! You don’t look fat, you’re gorgeous! And, tesla also got praised for waking daddeh up once when his alarm didn’t ring. Psh. AND- i get pushed around because apparently daddeh can’t sleep with a ‘face full of hansel’. I’m tired of the treatment. MUTINY!

  15. Not fat Chey. Mommy calls me “over-nourished” – pppppft – whatever!

  16. Chey…we think that’s a great picture of you…it shows off your smoochalicious tummy!

  17. that’s a wonderful picture of you Chey! you look so cute!!

  18. We love your tummy shot Chey, we are very partial to Meezer tummies … hee hee! And we know it is the camera angle, you are not fat!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  19. Hmmm, expsosing a tummy directly at the camera (which is a gift) and you get called “fat”? Plus Gemini is getting praise for mewing in the morning? I think there are some serious issues there Chey…not sure what you should do about it yet, but we’re thinking. I’d say that we could refrain from commenting on Gemini’s posts to support you, but she’s…dare I say it…adorable?

  20. Chey, we are sorry you are feeling miffed. We all love you.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

    PS – It’s definately the camera angle. We’ve heard cameras add 10 pounds.

  21. you look wonderful Chey. It’s okay. Let Gemini have her day, whateverrrrr

  22. Don’t be miffed Chey!! I always love seeing you best. I can relate, everyone loves Chase best on our blog.

  23. You are not remotely fat Chey! Tell the woman to try getting pictures of you laying in the sun. It seems to work for our Meowm.

  24. Chey, you have a real pretty and womanly figure!

  25. Oh Chey, effurycat knows the flashy box makes you look heavier than you are. You’re purrfect!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  26. Bah. You do not look fat. You look totally hot, and I mean that in a most respectful way. Really. Hawt.

  27. Chey you are NOT fat and you are most beautiful. You should have more photos.

  28. Chey, it isn’t that you aren’t loveable, comments come and go and I don’t worry about how many I gets.

  29. You most certainly do not look fat! Sleek & sexy is more like it!

  30. That photo does not make you look fat! You are a full figured gal! Anyway, sorry about Gemini getting more comments than you. I will try and comment more on your days. As far as the male goes, what can I say? He’s male!

    I think you are right in that Lucky will be very lonely come Friday. There is talk that PlusOne will then spend two days with Nana and Grandpa. Mom says if she wants him to come home she will bring Lucky to pick him up and he won’t be able to resist.


  31. Do not worry about the number of responses Chey!
    Most are probably too in awe of you to respond 😉
    AS for you looking “fat”, you got it right and your
    Mom needs to learn to use the camera!!
    Your Mom needs to learn how to choose the right angles!!!
    We all know you are simply divine 😉
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  32. Poor Chey! Neglected and insulted. It’s just too bad. But I bet you have millions of silent fans who are too shy to approach you in type. We’ve noticed that we get less than 2% of visitors leaving comments. Guess they’re too shy to talk to Au and Target too…

  33. Poor Chey! You’ve been having a rough Monday. Well, I think you look fabulous in that photo!

  34. Chey – we thinks you is soft and yummy. Very huggable and sexy. Nothing nicer than a soft fluffy kitteh!

  35. It does not make you look fat, Chey.
    Mom Robyn

  36. I think your belly is beautiful … and quite regal!

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