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I’m trying to escape the heat. I’m not sure how warm it gets around here, but a place like this must have some cool spots don’t you think? If not, I’m sure I’ll find a cold one here!

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  1. I never know where you are as I don’t know the US. But it looks pretty! And so does your furry bum, Chey.

  2. I see you up in that second story window. I just don’t know WHERE that big ol’ building is located.

  3. This is a very lovely old building!

  4. I don’t know, but I hope you stay cool!

  5. Mum biggified and got the magnifying glass but still couldn’t read the plaques. We are a bit concerned for your safety though. It looks like the window has come down on your neck. Are you trapped. Just let us know where you are and we will come and set you free.

  6. CHEY!! It looks like you are in a building wif lots of gil-a-tines that chop heads off!!

    It looks like it’s probably a state house or some sort of old government building somewhere.

  7. Can you get your head back inside? You look stuck…AND hissed off! I have no idea where you are so I can’t come help get you outa there!

  8. Is it… pawsibly… a bilding on the UW Madison campis? They look a lot like that, wif ivy climbin up an fancy bits of moldin. Ivy-covered professors in ivy-covered halls 🙂

    If it IS UW Madison, come bisit! Go west.

  9. Oh, there you are! We had to look but finally saw you peeking out a window. Unfortunately, as usual, we don’t know where the heck you are.

  10. Victor, you have the right state and I am not far from a universit6 but not UWM (nor the real UW!) I may need another cold one

  11. Chey, are you at a brewery in Wisconsin?? If so, have a cold one for us too!

  12. I nefur been to Whiskerconsin. Maybe I should go sumtime. Is it nise dere?

  13. Wait, it’s NOT on UW Madison campus? (UWM means Milwaukee) I was sure it’s by Library Mall. Wul, Mom was sure. Is it in Milkwalkee insteada Madison? You should go bisit Derby then!

  14. Oh, I know this one. You are at the Haunted House at Disneyland. I hope the lines are not too long.

  15. Are you at the Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee? Probably not. :slinks away with tail dragging sadly behind:

  16. I would certainly hope it has some cool spots. That place looks massive. I wonder what it looks like inside.

  17. Whitey, you are almost correct!

  18. Okay…we’ll make another wild guess using Whitey’s guess…is it the Miller Brewing Company???

  19. Pabst mansion?

  20. Haha! We think Victor got it right! Drinks on him!!!!

  21. Well now that I’ve left it for the other kitties to figure it out for me…I say we all gather for a cold one…and see if we can get Chey’s head out of the window. Is someone bringing snacks?

  22. Yeah Victor! But I bet only got cause of Whitey’s guess

  23. True, Chey, Whitey’s guess jogged mine memry. What’s funny is, dat’s next to Marquette University, but Mom’s coworker frum MU thot it was at UW Madison 🙂
    Drinks on me? Eep! I don’t wanna get wet!

  24. We could not guess where you were,but we like the idea
    of having some cold ones 🙂
    We’ll be right over!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  25. once again we have no idea where you are…maybe we need to send you some pics of salem so we can guess!!!!!!!!!
    have a great weekend!

  26. Oh, I am here late but I still may be a winner. This is the Pabst Mansion that was home to Frederick Pabst, who had the brewery too. Mum has been there many years ago. for more information.

    The nearby Univerisity is Marquette University.

  27. Darn, now I see that Victor beat me. Oh well, I blame mum for not letting me on the puter earlier!

  28. Interesting place yoo found, we see dat every furry one has sum great guesses !

  29. I’m a little late, as usual. The “cold one” hint lets me know you are at a brewery. Did you have too much suds to cause you to hang out the window?

  30. Man….we are bummed! Mommy totally missed this yesterday!!! Congrats to the winner!!!!!

    ::Hi Chey!!!::

    Love, uSSSSS

  31. We are late too Chey, and wouldn’t have had a clue as to where you were, but we hope you are cooler there! And Momma likes the idea of a cold one … hee hee! It is unseasonable cool here in St. Louis, 71 degrees right now, and we wish we could send you some of this nice weather as we saw it is supposed to get to around 86 there today. Sighs!
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  32. That is definitely a tough one. FAZ

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