Find Chey Friday


Okay, I think I’ll just have a rest here. Maybe one of those nice people will come by and pet me and let me know where I am…?  Well they are awfully busy with that darned horse… sigh.   Perhaps one of you can find where I am. I hope.

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  1. We haven’t got a clue! We biggified the photo but couldn’t read what it said over the entrance. Be careful if the horse passes you. They do gigantic poops!

  2. I think the whole road is yours, Chey!
    You are awesome!

  3. Chey are you at Paul Revere’s house??

    Hugs from the topcatrules girls, especially Pyewacket.

  4. Is it the Kentucky Derby?

  5. Well, we just don’t know…but we hope those people come over and pet you…

  6. Well, heck….we can’t figure it out, but it looks like a very nice place to be!!!

    Love, uSSSSS

  7. All we know is that we certainly don’t want to be there. Really. There you are all gorgeous putting yourself out there for some major pets, and those stupid people are fussing over that horse?

  8. Hmm….no clue! I’ll guess Yankee Candle in S. Deerfield, MA. But we know your human didn’t go there so we don’t know at all!

  9. i dont know! but, we wish you were here with us!

  10. I have no idea where you are, but it looks pretty countrified. The horse outside makes me wonder if this is somewhere in Canada. For some reason, it makes me think of a mountie.

  11. Clueless…as usual!

  12. Are you at Anheuser Busch, brewing beer and hanging with the Clydesdales?

  13. Dur! Even Whitey knows that is not a Clydesdale! Clue.Less. <- We are.

  14. The color of the sign behind the people might give you a clue… Also who uses horses?

  15. What in the world is a horse doing standing outside a restaurant? Waiting for his reservation.

  16. Hmmm…you’re in the street, that’s for sure. I’d be careful if I was you. If not cars, you gotta watch out for horses. They poop in the street, you know…

  17. Dunno! (again!)

  18. As usual, we are clueless….but we bet that hrose would let you ride on his back and take you home!

  19. The horsie looks like he’s attached to a buggy! How about Lancaster County PA???

  20. Cory you are on to something but I have not gone to PA…

  21. Hey, thanks for coming by with ham. You’d think Jan would have brought us home some steak.

    We don’t know where you are but it sure looks like somewhere nice to be.

  22. Oh goodness, I know where you are!

    no I don’t haha
    You do look very sweet though in such a quaint and elegant sort of setting.
    Your furs go well with a white picket fence.

    Could it be Williamsburg, Virginia??

    Happy week-end meezergirl and sweet sisterkins~G

    purrrs Prin

  23. Okay, we got a guess…is that an Amish buggy that the horse is pulling? Maybe Shipshewana, Indiana??

  24. Since we’re not allowed to go OUTSIDE, we don’t get around much. But we’re going to go all Mitten State on you and say its Greenfield Village (or is it The Henry Ford now?). We know your lady was here a while ago, though we don’t think she came to our side of the state. 🙁

  25. YEAH to the Island Cats!!!! It is in Shipshewana Indiana!!! Anyone want to hazard a more specific guess?

  26. Haha! We can’t believe we got it right! We just took a wild guess when we saw the horse and buggy! Se now we just googled restaurants in Shipshewana…it’s the Blue Gate Restaurant!!!!!

  27. Very good you guys!!! It was a great guess wasn’t it?!

  28. Ummmmmm, we’re too late, but it’s a neat picture!

  29. We (as usual) don’t know, but you look pretty comfy there!
    ~ Malachi

  30. Sum kind of Amish horse tour of some sort?? Ahhhhh dont step in the horse $hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeee

  31. Late again, its been guessed. Mum either has to stay up later or get up earlier so I can guess. I was gonna say somewhere the Amish were because of the horse and buggy.

  32. Oh, yeah, Shipshewana, Indiana. It was so obvious!

  33. Late at usual. I have no clue!

  34. Congrats to the Island Cats! Way to go — this was challenging!

    I just biggified the picture … that is a beautiful dapple gray horse! Did you take a buggy ride, Chey?

  35. we need to get out more or send you pics of places we know! somehow we never seem to know where you are.
    perhaps it is the stress of knowing that a d-o-g is coming tomorrow.

    can we stay with you for awhile? we will bring our own ham and tequila

    the pet human is clearly not thinking right these days. must have been all those medical tests she was subjected to that came out negative… not sure why she was happy with negative results.


  36. amazing, I never would have guesses. What a cool name Shipshewanaaaaaaa

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