Cheysuli’s Path to Success Shouldn’t be a Road Map For Palin

img_6033aRumors may abound about why Sarah Palin resigned from her post as Governor of Alaska.  One rumor that just won’t quit is that she looked at the success for former presidential candidate Cheysuli and wanted to go that route.

“It’s well known to just about everyone that Cheysuli has the best of all possible worlds.  She continues to be a political insider and is able to write about things behind the scenes. No one expects her to mince words.  She sets her own hours and the press is far less intrusive.  Who wouldn’t want that, particularly considering she is still able to influence policy decisions,” said an unnamed source.

“Cheysuli essentially quit her campaign a day before the election telling her supports to vote for Obama,” said one Palin supporter, “So she did nothing different from Palin.  If Sarah is a quitter, then so is that cat.”

“You’ve obviously never met Cheysuli,” said one harried friend.  “Chey never quits anything.  She was loosing badly, not having any funds and finally had to just throw her weight behind Obama.  Believe me, this is not her first choice.  She wanted the White House and the staff it entailed.  The White House Staff is LUCKY she isn’t there making her demands…”


  1. Well, that Palin Bein sure ISN’T you, Chey! If she tries ta copy you, she will fail. Like a Bein could EVER be the equal of a cat…!

  2. Palin can only hope to be half the quitter that Chey is. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

  3. We support you Chey, in or out of The White House!

  4. Sarah Palin is no Cheysuli. Sarah Palin should stick to fancy pageant walkin’!!

  5. Could we say that Sarah Palin is a copycat? Grin. Don’t worry Chey. She couldn’t manage to copy you in any meaningful way. You are unique.

  6. We think she is a poor immitation of you Chey.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  7. Palin and you, Chey?? No comparison!

  8. I still think you would have done a great job in the White House, Chey. My humans don’t think much of that Palin. Of course they don’t think much of our UK politicians either. My mum likes Gordon Brown but she thinks he is going to lose the next election to Cameron, who is smarmy and plastic. None of them ever mean what they say!

  9. Chey, Palin should consider herself lucky to be mentioned in any way in comparison with you.

  10. we also think that Palin is a copycat.

  11. Right. Chey is not a quitter.

  12. Vote for Cheysuli 2012

  13. Chey’s path was truly a path. Palin’s is a “I am so lost, how do I get outta here” cry for help.
    Oh happy day!


  14. At least you do not get your political advice from a refrigerator magnet!

  15. Some beans just can’t make their own decisions and have to be copy cats!

  16. Palin pales-in comparison, Chey. hahaha!

  17. tiki here, plz visit my blog and mowzer’s too!

  18. Chey for President 2012! And boo-sucks to nasty copy-cats 😛

  19. Sorry Sarah! You are not even close to Cheysuli!!!!!!!!!
    Not even a tiny bit! have a nice life 😉
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

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