Cheysuli Refuses to Diet

IMG_6014aRefusing to give into peer pressure, Former Presidential Candidate Cheysuli says she will not be going on a diet.

“Diet,” Cheysuli says, “Is die with a T.  And I refuse to die.  Ever.”

Critics state that the latter part is probably not up to Cheysuli.  We all die.  Further as she further balloons up (look for our upcoming series on dirigibles) she will be shortening her life expectancy even further.

“Look, everyone blames the fat cat for being fat.   Have you ever thought to blame the human?  I mean do I have opposable thumbs? Do you think a tub like me could ever catch a mouse? Really.   My fat is not my fault.”

A spokesperson for Cheysuli’s humans said that Chey is fed only the finest organic cat food, formulated by one of the best pet food makers out there, Solid Gold.   Their other cats lost weight on this food. Cheysuli, however, continues to remain robust.


  1. Great point of you of “die~t”, excellent~!
    I think you don’t need to, because you have very very tiny face 🙂

  2. If the Beins weren’t opening cans all day long, ya wouldn’t haf a weight problem.

    It is time the authorities got to the meat of the matter and set the responsibility where is rests. On the thumbs of Beins who just love ta watch innocent kitties eat and plump up!

    You think not? Ask the famous old kitties Hansel and Gretel! THEY found out. Beins think they were little sticky Beins but thats a lie. They were kitties, fattened up on mousies for being sold ta be cooked by some starving old lady in the forest…

    Face it, if Beins had no thumbs, we kitties would never get fat!

  3. I still don’t think you have a weight problem. Me, I have a wait problem. Like, I cannot wait til the next can get opened!

  4. You just don’t look like you have a weight issue ~ don’t they get it? You’re PERFECT as you are!

  5. Whitey wants to be Robust! Skinny is No Good!

  6. You are right, Cheysuli. It is definitely not your fault if you became robust eating the same food that other kitties lost weight eating.

  7. Maybe a little playtime with Gemini???

  8. Maybe Chey is just meant to be this way — doesn’t look fat to me! What kitty in their right mind would AGREE to going on a DIE-T!

  9. Hmmmm. maybe you ought to get your thyroid checked. If it worked for Oprah, I’m sure it will work for you too. I’m sure there is no way that this is your fault!

  10. That’s right, Chey! You aren’t fat, you’re robust!

  11. We’re with you, Chey. Mom is always saying we’re FAT!! Like you, we ask “Just who is putting the food in my bowl?”.

    Tipper & Max S

  12. Oh, Chey. I love you no matter how much you weigh. I do want you healthy though, so we can spend many days together laughing and being good kitties.

  13. Thank you for my purrthday wishes! Chey I know it’s the beans fault, I too have heard the die-t word around me too. I only eat what mom lady gives me though so how can I be fat??

  14. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your size Chey! We think you are purrfect!!!!!

  15. Chey…never say DIE…T!!!!

  16. WE ARE WITH YOU CHEY!!!!!! NO DIE…T!!!

  17. Chey, Have you considered refusing to eat that die-t food? If you don’t eat it, you won’t lose weight and that would show your human! Course, you might feel a bit hungry.

  18. We love you just the way you are.

  19. The beans should always be blamed for everything.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

    PS-we don’t think you’re fat at all.

  20. Chey is healthy and that organic food is keeping her healthy. Chey, tell your beans they can’t have it both ways either you are emaciated or healthy. Which would they prefer?


    PS I’m not dieting either.

  21. Chey, you don’t need to diet – you look fantastic as you are!

  22. You actually look a bit thin in this picture! It’s all in the bones…. Tintin for example is big boned, where as I am very thin boned. OZ is thin boned too, and Notty tends to be a bit big boned. And we all get the same food and the same amount of food! And already we can see that Edna might be bigger boned than Coco…
    Thank you so much for your condolences concerning our Luna, we very much appreciated it!

  23. Good for you Chey.I refuse to diet too. Mum has cut my food back so I have to top up with grasshoppers.

  24. Chey, Mom says that DIET is a 4 letter word and we should not say it 😉
    You look fine to me 🙂
    Purrs Mickey

  25. ROBUST??? PPBBBBTHHHTT! I just bloo toona joose all over the keybord!

  26. I think you still need to have a diet because you are good to look at your pictures. You are not that fat.

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