Offers of Assistance Wear Cheysuli Out

img_6464aAh relief! Finally I know who the Senator from Minnesota is!  The weight of wondering is gone from my shoulders.  You have no idea how this uncertainty has been plaguing me!

Certainly I have had emails from all sorts of people wanting to help me with my problems. I can get relief from impotence–but you know as a spayed female I’m not certain that is a big deal.  I can get mortgage relief.   As I do not actually own the house I live in that is also not a big deal.

I can get relief from stomach pain,  taxes, and scholarships. Why if I can even find a veterinary program near me.  I’ve considered being a veterinarian. After all, who better to work with cats?  However, it seems that veterinary schools are specist.  This pains me.

Someone has told me about a natural face lift and I have decided to file that information away until I am older.  After all, you never know.  I am pondering homemade tomatoes.  I have heard that hijacking sales is a good way to make hundreds a month. Perhaps then I will not have to contact the person about the homemade tomatoes as I can purchase mine from the market…

I am amazed at all the helping hands there are. I am fatigued just going through all the problems I didn’t know I had.


  1. is your email driving you crazy??

  2. Not since I took up the offer to detox. Now I’m just crazy.

  3. I’m glad you look so relaxed even though you have all those problems!

  4. Dear Chey,

    Thank you!
    Today Michico & Arion recieved the gift from you and your bean~!
    How lovely and wonderful gift you gave us!!!!!
    This is a wonderful blessing, thank you ever so so so much!!!
    We will treasure this gift for always!

  5. Sounds like you need a better spam filter. Now we think we know where you can get a FREE one to help you ….. LOL!

  6. Chey, you might be reading too much. You need to relax. Purrhaps go to a spa? Yes, a spa sounds lovely!

  7. Poor Chey! Everyone wants you to solve their problems! You need to relax! Purrhaps a good massage? Mommy would love to massage you anytime! Pamper yourself!!!

  8. Chey, we know what you mean…our delete key is about to wear out….

  9. Chey…maybe you need to meditate to turn off the noise in your head….repeat after me….ommmm….ommmmm.

  10. Dear Chey… rest… we will send a ham and a bottle of our finest champagne… no need for you to worry about anything.
    happy canada day
    zevo & entourage

  11. Yes … after going through all that it looks like you need a nap.

  12. I’m not sure why, Chey, but when mommy was reading this over my shoulder (yes, she can be THAT rude) she laughed. And laughed some more.

    You have my synpathies. I also get several offers of help through my email, although they aren’t for me. Mostly it has been for ED. I am not sure who ED is, but ED seems to need a lot of help, and I wish they would get his email correct so the poor guy can get it.

  13. I, too, receive numerous offers of help each day, Chey. I wish someone would offer to help those offerer’s keep their unsolicited offers to themselves!

    I was really worried that Al Franken would NOT become the new Senator of Minnesota. I think it is very important for Minnesota to have the best representation in the US Senate. I think Al Franken will do a very good job!

  14. Pondering. Our great grandpa used to ponder a lot. To ponder is good. The only unfortunate thing is that when you are done pondering all these problems and issues they will still be there. So, in the end, pondering is quite useless.

  15. Chey, I have had several offers in excess of FIVE MILLION dollars! I just need to send them my bank account information, and I will be set for life. You can go in on this with me, if you want. It is from a very sad but kind lady who has been orphaned, so I am certain that it is legitimate.

  16. Yeah, I keep getting offer to make my former glory bigger. Like I need that. Why don’t people learn about the kitties to whom they send these offers?

  17. you haf far more interesting email than we does. we just keeps getting emails that says that we haf been searched for on classmates and reunion. but we nefur wented to school, so that doesn’t make sense!

  18. We think it’s better to know about the problems
    rather than have them too 🙂
    You would be a good Vet too!!
    You would have ear thermometers!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  19. I’m amazed you can sleep at all with so much swirling around in your mind, Chey!

  20. Wow Chey dat is lotsa help!

    Helllllllllllllllooooooooooo Miss Gemini

    yur boyfriendcat

  21. Oh no! All those offers of help gave us a headache. Do you think someone will email us so we know how to get rid of it?

  22. That is a lot of spam you are getting, only that is not the good kind of spam.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  23. Amazing, isn’t it? I really enjoy watching television with the human pet to discover more things that she should be buying that she doesn’t need. Can you imagine how much good work could be done if the peddlers of these items spent their time pitching charitable organizations rather than these erroneous products? I’m sure that would be something wonderful…

  24. I get all kinds of offers for help over problems I didn’t know I had too! For example, a lot of pharmacies want to help me enhance a part of my body which I haven’t got. Am I missing something important? Other kind emailers want to help me pay off my credit card debts. I didn’t know I had a credit card but I suppose they must know best… 🙂 xxx

  25. Hey, Chey, if yoo don’t wanna go in with Daisy on gitting that 5 millyun dollers, is it OK if I go in with her? Cuz I cood reely use the munneys.

  26. Mom agrees with you about Minnesota! Finally it’s OVER. As for all the other problems, I don’t have them either. It must be a bean thing.


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