Wakeful Wednesay

img_6398aNow to relax after this difficult beginning of the week. The Humans have been busy, although work is slow for the Woman tomorrow. Hopefully she can take care of me and my needs without resorting to doing all her own thing. I hate it when she does that.

I have been making sure that Georgia has lots of water in her dish and that it is fresh. I make sure to howl at the Woman when things start to get low.

I also make sure to sit quietly on the Woman’s ankles when Georgia curls up closer to the Woman. She needs her space too. Everyone thinks I am not a nice cat, but I am nice. Really. I shouldn’t have to keep repeating that.


  1. You are nice Chey! WE know that. Nuff said!
    hugs and purrs alla us

  2. YEP – you are very NICE! We agree.

  3. You really shouldn’t have to keep repeating that, Chey. Your looking out for Georgia to make sure she has lots of fresh water is proof of your niceness.

  4. I hope your bean will leave the busy day soon and being with you.
    And that is the exactly thing I wish for my Michico.
    I can totally understand your feeling!

  5. We know you are very nice and thoughtful too Chey.

  6. You seem nice to me. You know humans just aren’t very observant.

  7. Do not be too hard on the Woman, Chey. After nearly 5 years, we must still remind Mom twice a day to feed us and to give us fresh water and our treats and scritches. You’d think humans would learn something after so many reminders.

  8. You’re not only a nice cat Chey, but beautiful too!

  9. thats bery nise of yoo Chey.

  10. Just because you speak your mind doesn’t mean you’re not nice! We know that!

  11. You have been working very hard in order to take care of Georgia. I’m sure both she and the human lady appreciate all of your efforts. Good work, Chey!

  12. Youz soundz yike a berry nice kitty. Ober at our places, Rosemary Joy is da one who hollers at momma when da food an’ wanter getz purr-ty gone.

    Camille is doin’ Wordless Wednesday ober at our place. Shez showin’ her butt again. Why doez she thinkie her butt is purr-ty?

  13. Chey, doesn’t your human realize that we meezers are very very sympathetic and supportive cats? sheesh

  14. Oh, Chey, sweetie, you are such a nice sister! We could all learn a lesson from you.

  15. Chey, I know you are a nice cat! It’s very sweet how you look out for Georgia.

  16. Chey…we think you are so misunderstood…you are a nice cat!!

  17. Chey, you are definately a nice cat. You are a Meezer after all. Meezers can’t help but be nice.

    Tavi, Cody, Camie, Miss Jade and Gracie

  18. What a handsome picture, Chey!

  19. We know you’re one of the nicest cats around!
    What a lovely picture of you!

  20. Please send me an email with your address so I can paw it forward to all of you!

  21. I know that you are very very sweet!! You’re just complicated.

  22. We believe you Chey, really we do. People who say you are not nice are just jealous. You are so supremely talented, they have to claim something bad about you.


  23. That is a lovely picture of you Chey!!
    We knew you were a nice sisfur 😉
    It’s the politics that makes you seem cool.
    Politics is a nasty thing!! People are not very nice sometimes!
    Purrs Mickey

  24. Anastasia would have said to sent whoever not believes that you are a nice cat over to bite them!
    You are nice, and sweet, and gorgeous.

  25. I think you are a very nice cat Chey!

  26. I heer ya, Chey. I shoodn’t have to keep reepeeting that I’m not only a nice cat but THE BEST CAT IN THE HOWSE but nobuddy seems to heer. Frankly, I’m a little tired of them asking, “Mao did yoo pee in heer?” Whut a STOOPID qweschun. Of KORSE I did. It’s whut I do. My peepul are vary dense.

  27. Keep up the good work watching out for Georgia.

  28. You’re so nice,Chey. One proof is your being so attentive to what Georgia needs like making sure that there’s still enough fresh water on her dish. Keep it up.

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